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Unseen Enemy (2017)

97 min | Documentary

Unseen Enemy is a feature-length documentary about the threat of epidemics in the 21st century and what we can do to fight them.

Director: Janet Tobias | Stars: Larry Brilliant, John Connor, Decontee Davis, Veronica Maria Dos Santos

Votes: 279

This is Congo (2017)
75 metascore

This is Congo (2017)

TV-MA | 93 min | Documentary, History, War

An unfiltered look in to the lives of 3 characters surviving amongst the most recent cycle of conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo, otherwise known as the M23 rebellion.

Director: Daniel McCabe

Votes: 313 | Gross: $0.00M

Heart of Africa (2020)

90 min | Drama

A Congolese man runs from a terrible accident and finds himself at a revolutionary camp, where he is told that he has a great destiny. Now, he must face his fears and his shame, but also his magnificent possibilities.

Director: Tshoper Kabambi | Stars: Moyindo Mpongo, Brandon Ray Olive, Elbas Manuana, Bavon Diana Landa

Votes: 35

The Protectors (II) (2017)

8 min | Documentary, Short, Drama

Oscar-winning director Kathyrn Bigelow (Zero Dark Thirty, The Hurt Locker) and VR creator Imraan Ismail (The Displaced, Valen's Reef) have co-directed The Protectors, a VR short documentary... See full summary »

Directors: Kathryn Bigelow, Imraan Ismail

Votes: 48

City of Joy (2016)

74 min | Documentary, Crime, Drama

This film follows the first class of students at a remarkable leadership center in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, a region often referred to as "the worst place in the world to ... See full summary »

Director: Madeleine Gavin | Stars: Christine Schuler-Deschryver, Denis Mukwege Mukengere, Eve Ensler, Jane Mukunilwa

Votes: 501

Change for Chimps (2016)

7 min | Short, Drama, Family

A young girl's love for chimpanzees sends her on a journey to raise funds to save chimps from captivity, in hopes to deliver the funds to her hero Dr. Jane Goodall.

Director: Lisa Mann | Stars: Jane Goodall, Azalyne Klukowski, Kendra Nott

Votes: 6

The Uncondemned (2015)
80 metascore

The Uncondemned (2015)

Not Rated | 81 min | Documentary

In 1997, a group of lawyers and activists prosecuted rape as a crime against humanity. This is the story of their fight for the first conviction.

Directors: Nick Louvel, Michele Mitchell | Stars: Pierre-Richard Prosper, Sara Darehshori, Thierry Cruvellier, Mukasarasi Godelieve

Votes: 43 | Gross: $0.01M

35 Cows and a Kalashnikov (2014)

83 min | Documentary

35 COWS AND A KALASHNIKOV is a film about African pride. Directed by Oswald von Richthofen and produced by Roland Emmerich, two old film school friends. It is not a classical documentary ... See full summary »

Directors: Oswald von Richthofen, Gernot Aschoff | Stars: Bar Jala, Kuwedo, Regole, Tanga

Votes: 67

Psychose (2022)

80 min | Drama

During a stay in the countryside, a drama occurs within a young couple.

Director: Joy Christ | Stars: Estelle Ndinga, Mike Combo, Félicité Kekonda, Merveille Ndala

Congo: The Grand Inga Project (2013)

Not Rated | 60 min | Documentary, Action, Adventure

CONGO: The Grand Inga Project chronicles kayak icon Steve Fisher as he and a team of the bravest and most talented paddlers on earth tackle a first descent of the Inga Rapids, a deadly ... See full summary »

Director: Steve Fisher | Stars: Kara Blackmore, Tyler Bradt, Steve Fisher, Evan Garcia

Votes: 134

Congo Calling (2019)

90 min | Documentary

Three Europeans in the crisis zone of eastern Congo. They want to help, but their situation is complicated. Three personal perspectives on coexistence and cooperation between Europe and ... See full summary »

Director: Stephan Hilpert

Votes: 21

When Elephants Fight (2015)

Not Rated | 90 min | Documentary, News

The Democratic Republic of Congo has been called a geological scandal due to its mineral rich soil. Unfortunately, those minerals, necessary to sustain today's technology, are funding the deadliest war since WWII.

Director: Mike Ramsdell | Star: Robin Wright

Votes: 50

Searching for Hell (2015)

Not Rated | 77 min | Documentary, Drama, Mystery

Prepare yourself for a unique cinematic experience. "Searching For Hell" - world's first feature - length documentary screened and distributed in virtual reality cinema - will take you on a... See full summary »

Directors: Darek Barecki, James Kenney, Gloria Kurnik, Yuki Nakamura, Pawel Nazaruk, Tomasz Adamski

Votes: 18

Ota Benga (2015)

60 min | Documentary | Completed

In 1904 a man named Ota Benga was removed from the Congo in Central Africa and placed in the New York City Bronx Zoo, in a cage with primates. He spent his nights at the Monkey house. He ... See full summary »

Director: Niyi Coker Jr.

The Prosecutors (2018)

96 min | Documentary

The Prosecutors is a feature-length documentary that tells the story of three dedicated lawyers who fight to ensure that rape in war is not met with impunity. Filmed over five years on ... See full summary »

Director: Leslie Thomas | Stars: Amani Kahatwa, Jasmin Mesic, Sandra Moreno Ramírez, Khadijah Rolle

Njinga (2014)

138 min | Documentary, Adventure

Explorer/adventurer, Kate Leeming has cycled the equivalent of twice around the world at the Equator. Kate's incredible Expedition - A ten month, 22,040km journey across Africa from Point ... See full summary »

Director: Martin McCann

Silent Forests (2019)

109 min | Documentary

SILENT FORESTS takes audiences into the heart of Africa's Congo Basin to meet the men and women trying to save the forest elephant from extinction.

Director: Mariah Wilson

Votes: 19

Access to the Danger Zone (2012)

Not Rated | 70 min | Documentary, History, War

Access to the Danger Zone is a film narrated by Daniel Day-Lewis about victims of war and their need for humanitarian aid. It describes the difficulties and dangers humanitarian ... See full summary »

Directors: Peter Casaer, Eddie Gregoor | Star: Daniel Day-Lewis

Votes: 27

Unsettled: Seeking Refuge in America (2019)
73 metascore

Unsettled: Seeking Refuge in America (2019)

84 min | Documentary

Unsettled: Seeking Refuge in America follows the stories of LGBT refugees and asylum seekers from Africa and the Middle East as they flee persecution in their countries of origin to seek better and safer lives in the U.S.

Director: Tom Shepard

Votes: 21

Mama Colonel (2017)

72 min | Documentary

Colonel Honorine worked in Bukavu's police force for years as part of the Child Protection and Anti-Sexual Violence Unit, highly regarded for its effectiveness and the confidence it has ... See full summary »

Director: Dieudo Hamadi

Votes: 75

Konga Yo (1962)

108 min | Adventure

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Director: Yves Allégret | Stars: Nicole Courcel, Jean Lefebvre, Sophie M'Bali, Roger Pigaut

Votes: 9

National Diploma (2014)

90 min | Documentary, Drama, History

In Kisangani, a group of high-school students who cannot afford to pay the teachers' "bonuses" organized themselves to prepare the State exam together.

Director: Dieudo Hamadi

Votes: 55

Ivory. A Crime Story (2016)

87 min | Documentary, Crime, Drama

3 years of shooting, 30 countries, over 250 hours of raw material provided the basis for the investigation documentary «IVORY. A CRIME STORY» about the causes and consequences of an ... See full summary »

Director: Sergey Yastrzhembsky | Star: Jeff Koinange

Votes: 16

Lumo (2007)

72 min | Documentary, Drama, War

A young Congolese woman finds friendship in a hospital for rape survivors. Together they contemplate their future in a country beset by war.

Directors: Bent-Jorgen Perlmutt, Nelson Walker III, Louis Abelman, Lynn True | Star: Lumo Sinai

Volcanic Planet (2014)

TV-PG | 80 min | Documentary, Adventure

An exploration of volcanoes around the world. Adventure Filmmaker Peter Rowe climbs and films 19 volcanoes around the world, from Iceland to the Congo, Italy to Indonesia, Guatemala to ... See full summary »

Director: Peter Rowe | Stars: George Kourounis, Peter Rowe

Votes: 11

Bounce: How the Ball Taught the World to Play (2015)

Not Rated | 76 min | Documentary, History, Sport

What is it about the shape of a ball that fascinates humans and animals alike? Accessible and fascinating, the doc explores the origins of our captivation with the ball and ball games.

Director: Jerome Thelia | Stars: Manuel Aguilar-Moreno, Magnus Baillie, Marc Bekoff, Gordon Burghardt

Votes: 37

Heart of the Matter (2017)

25 min | Documentary, Short

The Heart of the Matter looks at key issues in global health through the prism of Yambuku, DRC. It is also the story of how Dr Peter Piot, former head of UNAIDS and current director of ... See full summary »

Directors: Janet Tobias, Rogger Lopez | Stars: Heidi Larson, Jean-Jacques Muyembe, Peter Piot, Carlos Rimmel

My Body Is Not a Weapon (2019)

39 min | Documentary, Short, Crime

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Dr. Denis Mukwege heals and uplifts survivors of conflict-driven rape - more than 52,000 have been treated at Panzi Hospital. In this debut film by Platon, the ... See full summary »

Director: Platon | Stars: Furaha Ambika, Darcy Ataman, Divine Baguma, Ombeni Balibuno

Michel-le-s (2021)

108 min | Biography, Drama

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Director: Arthur Vé Batoumeni | Stars: Serga Wata, Boum Antsieli, Alphonse Mafoua, Marise Banouanina

The Little Fish and the Crocodile (2018)

16 min | Short

Tales of Us: "The little Fish and the Crocodile" is a fable from the rainforest in the Odzala National Park in the Republic of Congo told by the children of the Sanza Mobimba Kindergarden.

Director: Stefanie Plattner | Stars: Bosco Ekany, Steve Regis N'Sondé Mienandi

Justice for Sale (2011)

80 min | Documentary, Crime, Drama

Justice for Sale follows the young, courageous Congolese human rights lawyer Claudine who refuses to accept that justice is indeed 'For Sale' in her country. When Claudine investigates the ... See full summary »

Directors: Femke van Velzen, Ilse van Velzen

Votes: 18

Mayombe Kimpessi (2021)

80 min | Drama

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Director: Bastia Ndinga | Stars: Herman Kimpo, Bastia Ndinga, Cayla Seguin, Antonia Kitsoutsoub

10%: What Makes a Hero? (2013)

88 min | Documentary, Adventure, Biography

Award-winning director Yoav Shamir (Defamation, Checkpoint) sets out on an entertaining and insightful international quest, exploring the notion of heroism through a multi-faceted lens. ... See full summary »

Director: Yoav Shamir | Stars: Yoav Shamir, Philip Zimbardo

Votes: 853

The Prophetess

30 min | Documentary, Short, Drama | Post-production

In spite of having been violated, victimized, and employed as weapons of men's conflict, two Congolese women use their tender friendship as a source of ultimate strength; a strength so ... See full summary »

Director: Sylvie Weber

Uncertain Future (2018)

69 min | Documentary

June 2015, Burundi, thousands gather in the streets of Bujumbura to manifest against Pierre Nkurunziza's third mandate. As I film the first acts of violence and the victims therefrom ... See full summary »

Director: Eddy Munyaneza

Votes: 5

Black China (2018)

69 min | Documentary

A Journey to the new Eldorado Black China.

Director: Inigo Westmeier

Votes: 11

Voyage à Ouaga (2001)

90 min

Lionel, a young Frenchman, who has just arrived in Cotonou, Benin, loses his car, airplane ticket and passport and his hopes in riots in the city.

Director: Camille Mouyéké | Stars: Eric Laugérias, Maka Kotto, Xavier Letourneur, Aïssa Maïga

La Belle at the Movies (2016)

67 min | Documentary, Biography, Western

Kinshasa, "Kin la Belle" is a city of 10 million people without a single cinema theatre. "La Belle At the Movies" documents the disappearance of Kinshasa's entire cinema industry over the ... See full summary »

Director: Cecilia Zoppelletto

Votes: 6

When Giants Fall (2015)

78 min | Documentary, Crime, War

The ivory trade is a cruel business. Every 15 minutes an elephant is killed for its ivory. 65 percent of the continents elephants have been killed for their ivory in the last five years. ... See full summary »

Director: Leslie Griffith | Star: Kathi Lynn Austin

Votes: 13

Dr Biermans - a True Story (2021)

70 min | Documentary

Hubert Biermans (1864-1953) was involved in 1890 in the construction of the first Congo Railway line under Leopold II, before being sent to Canada in 1900 in Shawinigan to set up the Belgo, the most importantworld's pulp mill.

Director: Vandersleyen Olivier

Les derniers survivants (2015)

85 min | Drama, Mystery

Two brothers are trying to survive a planetary disaster. Things have envaded the world. Nobody knows how they got here nor what they came here to do, only that they feed on living things included humans.

Director: Arnaud Toussaint | Stars: Arnaud Toussaint, Fanny Roger, Marcel Mankita, Lucky Jacob

Sunday in Brazzaville (2012)

Not Rated | 52 min | Documentary

A young radio talk host, Carlos La Menace, unveils in his weekend show three figures of Congo's capital, Brazzaville.

Directors: Enric Bach, Adrià Monés

Votes: 30

Hear Congo (2020)

3 min | Documentary, Short

Did you know that 50% of cellphone companies get raw materials to build their cellphones electronics from the Congo. The majority of the workers that are forced to mine for copper and ... See full summary »

Director: Jason Flakes | Star: Shamiso Dinge

Heart of Iron (2013)

40 min | Documentary, Short, Adventure

From ministers to miners, conservationists to community members, the film asks: How do we ensure that mining benefits the poor and conserves Tridom's rich cultural and natural heritage?

Director: Leo Bottrill

Native Land

Drama | Announced

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Stars: Jeff Kober, Antonio David Lyons

Home Sweet Home (2021)

15 min | Short, Music

How to cure oneself of panic, distrust and manipulation in the time of the global pandemic? The Congolese director, sound designer and musician Franck Moka has one answer: humanity. In Home... See full summary »

Director: Franck Moka | Stars: Franck Moka, Nipcian Mongema, Jeef Mongema, Guelord Mosi

Le dernier des Babingas (1990)

20 min | Short

In the equatorial forest of Congo Brazzaville and the Central African Republic pygmies live. Over-exploitation and waste of resources have had a significant impact on the lives of Pygmies. ... See full summary »

Director: David-Pierre Fila

The New Environmentalists: From Guatemala to The Congo (2017 TV Movie)

30 min | Documentary

The New Environmentalists share a common goal - safeguarding the Earth's natural rescources from exploitation and pollution, while fighting for justice in their own communities. The film is... See full summary »

Directors: John Antonelli, Tom Dusenbery, Will Parrinello

Wanted (III) (2019)

100 min | Drama

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Director: Dinel Desouza | Stars: Bénédicte Loukoki, Herman Kimpo, Félix M'Pela, Lopez Wapax

Paradoxe (2021)

25 min | Short, Drama

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Director: Dinel Desouza | Stars: Estelle Ndinga, Kelly Kamala, Jhancye Ngandzie, Safy Mviri

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