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The Triangle (2001 TV Movie)

92 min | Horror, Thriller

A group of friends wind up in the Bermuda Triangle.

Director: Lewis Teague | Stars: Luke Perry, Dan Cortese, Olivia d'Abo, Dorian Harewood

Votes: 1,477

A Caribbean Dream (2017)

82 min | Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

This beautiful re-imagining of Shakespeare's magical fairy tale "A Midsummer Night's Dream" is set modern day, under a full moon and during a Caribbean Festival.

Director: Shakirah Bourne | Stars: Mikkel Bobby, Ahwe Birdman, Aden Gillett, Sonia Williams

Votes: 48

Joseph (2020)

116 min | Drama

A Jamaican doctor trained in Western medicine and in conflict with his family (all of whom are doctors) about his belief in the benefits of bush medicine, travels to Ghana to prove them wrong.

Director: Marcia Weekes | Stars: Kevoy Burton, Mawuli Gavor, Alison Hinds, Stogie Kenyatta

Votes: 9

The Marriage of Reason & Squalor (2015)

86 min | Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

A young girl visits the island that her fiance gave her as a wedding gift, only to find that it is full of surprises.

Director: Jake Chapman | Stars: Ronni Ancona, Nnenna Ani, Noma Dumezweni, Jenny Eclair

Votes: 47

Vigilante: The Crossing (2015)

111 min | Action, Drama

Dexter Gooding (Kirk Brown), an ex-convict, deported from the US returns to his homeland to find his beloved community Bakers Village engulfed in crime. The police are out-gunned and ... See full summary »

Director: Marcia Weekes | Stars: Malissa Alanna, Kirk Brown, Julie Chalbaud, Gavin Fernandez

Votes: 7

King Me (2010)

TV-14 | 80 min | Documentary, Biography, Comedy

King Me explores the sometimes surreal world of competitive checkers play as seen through the eyes of South African township resident, Lubabalo Kondlo. In 2007, Kondlo, with the help of ... See full summary »

Director: Geoff Yaw | Stars: Ron King, Lubablo Kondlo, Alan Millhone, Martin Parris

Votes: 12

Keeping up with the Joneses: The Movie (2013)

112 min | Comedy, Thriller

When the Jones family is kidnapped, four residents from the Green Meadows Mental Facility go on a mission to rescue them.

Director: Rommel Hall | Stars: Simon Alleyne, Andre Belle, Daniel Best, Chad Blackman

Faluma Ding Ding Ding (2012 Video)

4 min | Short, Music

Faluma Ding Ding Ding was released in 1998, it went on to top the charts in almost every Caribbean territory, as well as on numerous radio stations throughout North America and Europe. ... See full summary »

Director: Tania Hoser | Star: Alison Hinds

Chrissy (2012)

90 min | Drama

Chrissy is an inspirational film about a disadvantaged school girl who is bullied and discriminated against, but who fought the odds and triumphed securing much needed help from her family and her school

Director: Marcia Weekes | Stars: Peter Boyce, Mac Fingall, Makalah Harrison, Cara O'Donnell

Votes: 11

Hit for Six (2007)

99 min | Drama, Sport

A sidelined West Indies cricketer fights demons of his past, including a match fixing charge, and learns about love in an unlikely quest to play in a major global tournament and earn the ... See full summary »

Director: Alison Saunders-Franklyn | Stars: Andrew Pilgrim, Rudolph Walker, Jeanille Bonterre, Alison Sealy-Smith

Votes: 13

The Last Adventure Of the Gandul: Diary of a Shipwreck (2017)

80 min | Documentary, Adventure, Sport

A group of friend without nautical experience (but with a An experienced Captain) board on a catamaran named Gandul at the Canary Islands with the proposal to cross the Atlantic Ocean ... See full summary »

Director: Tomás Cimadevilla

Votes: 18

Payday (2014)

Not Rated | 101 min | Comedy

Payday, a Barbadian comedy-drama/buddy film showcasing a raw slice of Barbadian community life. Romie, an aspiring mechanic and ladies man, with his brutally honest best friend Pack, invest... See full summary »

Director: Selwyne Browne | Stars: Andrew Franklin, Damien Gibson, Vincia Clarke, Arlon Griffith

Votes: 25

Barrow: Freedom Fighter (2016)


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Director: Marcia Weekes | Stars: Lisa Arrindell, Sean Field, Eric Holder, Adrian Holmes

Votes: 9

Abiola (2014– )


Abiola tells the story of Barbadian 15 year old Abiola Adams, who is transferred from a private secondary school to a public secondary school after her step-father is laid off.

Stars: Carla Banfield, Adiel Charles, Nailah Cave, Raegine Welch

Votes: 9

Keeping Up with the Joneses (2011– )

PG | Comedy

The Jones family (Irving, his wife Angela and their children Tracy and Nathan) become reluctant participants in a reality show.

Stars: Rotchell Gibbons, Daniel Best, Kayrie Rice-Smith, Izaiah Cornibert

Votes: 13

Too Lickrish (2019)


A Texas girl vacations in Barbados and meets the love of her life, Barbadian local Seth Bovell. An economic crisis hits the island, and the two are unable to find new jobs. Falling behind ... See full summary »

Director: Tolga Akcayli | Stars: Andrina Alleyne, Seth Bovell, Ryanne McKay

Hall (2017)

86 min | Documentary

"Hall" is a feature-length true crime documentary that tells the almost unbelievable story of the life of Barbados' most famous fugitive Winston Hall.

Director: Rommel Hall | Stars: Jason Belle, Ronaldo Fields, Dwayne Graham, Jamal Hall

A Hand Full of Dirt (2010)

90 min | Drama

Three generations. One plantation. The men of the Redman family - father, grandfather and son - will try desperately to break with the past to pursue their dreams on their own terms.

Director: Russell Watson | Stars: Luther Bourne, Alwin Bully, Marcia Burrowes, Jennifer Champion

Votes: 7

Auntie (2013)

16 min | Short, Drama, Family

When a barrel arrives from London bearing an unwelcome parcel, a caregiver in Barbados makes a hasty decision that risks destroying her special bond with a beloved child.

Director: Lisa Harewood | Stars: Marcia Burrowes, Ché-Annika Mayers

Votes: 9

The Kite Flyer (2007)

R | 87 min

Jamal loves to fly kites. One day his "stepfather' does something that changes Jamal. Jamal joins a gang he moves quickly through the ranks-The "General" likes him. Then he meets Angelique,... See full summary »

Director: Sean Russell | Stars: Samud Ali, Levi King, Andrew Pilgrim

Votes: 9

Point of View: My Journey (2008)

50 min | Documentary, Family

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Director: Jose Jh. Joyette | Star: Jose Jh. Joyette

Dear Mum (II) (2018)

7 min | Short, Drama | Completed

Dear Mum is a project made to showcase & bring awareness of the importance, love & appreciation for mothers worldwide. The project also shows that it is important & vital to know and have ... See full summary »

Director: Dan-Jamal Weekes | Star: Emmanuel Tyson

Around the World in 80 Anthems (2017)

Not Rated | 89 min | Documentary

80 countries. 80 national anthems. One 10 year-old girl and her family. The unprecedented global musical journey that has captivated the world.

Director: Gordon Michael Woolvett | Stars: Capri Everitt, Daymond John

Sargasso: A Caribbean Love Story (1991)

47 min | Documentary, Biography, Drama

This hybrid film tells the history of author Jean Rhys and shows a dramatization of her famous novel Wide Sargasso Sea.

Director: Michael Gilkes | Stars: Rosamund Addo, Charlene Benjamin, Val Cuffy, James Elie

Two Smart (2014)

Not Rated | 88 min | Drama, Thriller

A disgruntled married couple and a hitchhiker are trapped in a gully during a tropical storm.

Directors: Shakirah Bourne, Ricky Redman | Stars: George Gill, Alison Hinds, Saran Lashley

Liquid Gold: The Story of Rum in Barbados (2019 Video)

10 min | Documentary, Short

This short documentary takes a brief look at the creation and storied history of one of the world's most popular alcoholic beverages.

Director: Rommel Hall

The Big Blue (2013)

65 min | Documentary, Adventure, Sport

A 63 year old writer's 53 day, 3000 mile row across the Atlantic Ocean. Epic? Insane? or both?

Director: Kelly Saxberg | Stars: Sylvain Croteau, David Davlianidze, Ernst Fiby, Aleksa Klimas-Mikalauskas

Angel Business (2018 TV Movie)

56 min | Documentary | Completed

Angel Business is a documentary about the financial and personal challenges of becoming one of the first angel investors during the birth of Hungary's startup era.

Director: Zsuzsanna Geller-Varga | Stars: Andras Perenyi, Judit Olah, Antal Karolyi

2007 Cricket World Cup (2007– )


The 2007 Cricket World Cup (officially known as ICC Cricket World Cup 2007) was the 9th edition of the Cricket World Cup tournament that took place in the West Indies from 13 March to 28 April 2007.

Stars: Glenn McGrath, Ricky Ponting, Matthew Hayden, Mahela Jayawardene

Votes: 13

With This Ring (2016)

100 min | Documentary, Biography, Drama

Filmed over the course of six years, With This Ring follows the meteoric rise of three Indian women who sidestep traditional roles to become world champion boxers. Worried that boxing will ... See full summary »

Directors: Ameesha Joshi, Anna Sarkissian

Bajan Heat (2013)

11 min | Short, Adventure, Crime

Bergerac in Barbados

Director: David Bispham | Stars: Dan Richardson, Vinny Noel, Nala, Eleazar Jeremie

Votes: 10

The Book of Jasmine (2017)

15 min | Short, Drama

After confessing to her Spiritual Mother that she is attracted to a woman, Jasmine, a spiritual Baptist is urged to mourn and seek spiritual guidance on the conflict she faces. The film ... See full summary »

Director: Melanie Grant | Stars: Hartley Alleyne, Carolyn Brathwaite, Keshia Pope

Guttaperc (1998)

84 min

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Director: Andrew Millington | Stars: Leonie Forbes, Clairmonte Taitt, Richard Weekes

Contracts (2018)


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Director: C.A. Barrow | Star: Simon Alleyne

Never (III) (2013)

19 min | Short, Fantasy, Thriller

As he brutalizes his own body, a man is forced to deal with demons from his childhood.

Director: Jamal Weekes | Stars: Janelle Clarke, Clish Gittens, Angelo Lascelles, Temo Ross

One More Time (III) (2016)

15 min | Short, Drama

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Director: Romario Hunte | Stars: Karissa Harte, Tiffani Williams

Chess Game (2005)

Short, Drama

A cosmic chess game between a king and a Rasta Sadhu.

Director: Felix de Rooy | Stars: Flair Won', Nala, Andy Taitt

Lizzi Comes to Bridgetown (2013)

4 min | Animation, Short, Family

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Director: Raashid Ifill | Stars: Nicholas Grimes, Jeremy Marshall, Nikita Williams

Votes: 7

Dear Mum (I) (2018)

7 min | Short, Drama | Completed

My project Dear Mum is a project made to showcase & bring awareness of the importance, love & appreciation for mothers worldwide. The project also shows that it is important & vital to know... See full summary »

Director: Dan-Jamal Weekes | Star: Emmanuel Tyson

You Never Know (2019)

Short, Musical

One family with three sisters endures three deaths in one week.

Director: Jade Gibbons | Stars: Abigail Gall, Dario Squires

Shouting: Tierra (2013)

11 min | Documentary, Short, Adventure

Would you cross the Atlantic on a sailboat? Shouting: Tierra is a poetic documentary investigating the philosophical motivations that push people to sail the seas and to challenge the ... See full summary »

Director: Giulio Gobbetti | Star: Sarah Bradnum

Caribbean Premier League (2013– )


The Caribbean Premier League (abbreviated to CPL or CPLT20) is an annual Twenty20 cricket tournament held in the Caribbean. It was created in 2013 and replaced the Caribbean Twenty20 as the premier Twenty20 competition in the Caribbean.

Stars: Chris Gayle, Dwayne Bravo, Chadwick Walton, Kieron Pollard

English (2018)

82 min | Documentary

Panama Dreams transports us on the modern-day search of the filmmaker, Alison Saunders for descendants of an ancestor who left Barbados in the early 1900s to build the Panama Canal - one of... See full summary »

Director: Alison Saunders-Franklyn | Stars: Dyrstra Browne, Patrick Foster, Adrian Green

A Tax Too Far..? (2011 Video)

32 min | Documentary, News

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Director: Sanna Allsopp

The Shoe (2005)

50 min | Comedy

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Director: Mahmood Patel | Stars: Charles Alden Knight, Laura Lyn Hutchinson, Levi King, Nala

Zora's Dream (2017)

80 min | Drama | Completed

A young woman struggling to care for her Grandfather suffering from Alzheimer's Disease discovers some haunting details about his past

Director: Andrew Millington | Stars: Liane Angus Whinfield, Cary Barnes, David Heron, Charles Clyburn

Death Medicine 2: Overdose (2016)

Short, Comedy

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Director: Bruno Vengenz | Stars: Nicolas Bosc, Aaron Matthews, Brandon Melendy, Evan Dane Taylor

Chattel House (2004)

56 min | Documentary

The film uses Caribbean vernacular architecture, to chronicle development and change in Barbadian cultural history in which Barbadians tell their own story using their voices and visions.

Director: Gladstone Yearwood

Wire Cockfight (2013)

1 min | Animation, Short, Action

An express Political Satire by critically assessing the attitudes, behaviors and mannerisms of political leaders and running them parallel to those of roosters.

The Spirit of Mikvah (2015)

Documentary, Short

Religious Jewish women open up their hearts to convey their experience of Mikvah and the cycle of family purity, which although a very private aspect of Judaism is more fundamental to a ... See full summary »

Director: Tania Hoser

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