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Ali and Nino (2016)
50 metascore

Ali and Nino (2016)

Not Rated | 100 min | Drama, Romance, War

Love story of a Muslim Azerbaijani boy and Christian Georgian girl in Baku from 1918 to 1920.

Director: Asif Kapadia | Stars: Adam Bakri, María Valverde, Mandy Patinkin, Riccardo Scamarcio

Votes: 4,875

The Bra (2018)

Not Rated | 90 min | Comedy, Drama

To escape from his lonely existence, Nurlan embarks on the most adventurous journey of his life: to find the owner of this perky piece of blue underwear. He rents a small room in Baku and begins his quest.

Director: Veit Helmer | Stars: Predrag 'Miki' Manojlovic, Denis Lavant, Paz Vega, Chulpan Khamatova

Votes: 631

Aporia (2019)

85 min | Action, Adventure, Horror

Residents of the town are captured by an unknown armed group. They start experimenting on humans, but experiments fail because of some unstable situations. Therefore, the unsuccessful ... See full summary »

Director: Rec Revan | Stars: Taleh Memmedov, Mubariz Samadov, Aysel Yusubova

Votes: 124

In Between Dying (2020)
63 metascore

In Between Dying (2020)

88 min | Drama

'In Between Dying' is the love story of Davud, a young man trying to find his "real" family, who completes his life cycle in a single day. When he does find Love, it's in the place he has always lived. But it is too late.

Director: Hilal Baydarov | Stars: Orkhan Iskandarli, Rana Asgarova, Huseyn Nasirov, Samir Abbasov

Votes: 188

The Fisherman's Daughter (2020)

87 min | Drama

In a tiny Azerbaijani fishing village young Sarah's father disappears at sea. Misfortunes abound until the superstitious inhabitants demand a funeral. Rebellious Sarah undertakes one last, and deadly, attempt to find her father.

Director: Ismail Safarali | Stars: Hamail Gasanova, Gurban Ismailov, Rasim Jafarov, Gunash Mehdizadeh

Mahmut & Meryem (2013)

163 min | Drama, Romance

In Gence during 1514, Ziyad Khan the sultan of Karabag has been in power for 23 years and now he is concerned about the future of the Sultanate. Ziyad Khan's successor is his son Mahmut who... See full summary »

Director: Mehmet Ada Öztekin | Stars: Aras Bulut Iynemli, Eva Dedova, Fahreddin Manafov, Melahat Abbasova

Votes: 305

Endless Corridor (2014)

52 min | Documentary, History

Narrated by Jeremy Irons, this definitive account tells of the heart-rending human rights tragedy in 1992 when hundreds of Azerbaijanis were massacred after Armenians stormed the city of Khojaly.

Directors: Aleksandras Brokas, Mindaugas Urbonavicius | Star: Jeremy Irons

Votes: 37,363

SAZ- the Key of Trust (2018)

90 min | Documentary

In a personal quest for meaning, brilliant musician Petra Nachtmanova will travel for weeks on the roads asking one question: "Can you teach me a song you think I should bring back home?". On her back, the legendary instrument: a Saz

Director: Stephan Talneau | Stars: Florent Chaintiou, Petra Nachtmanova

Votes: 243

Yanlis Anlama (2017)

93 min | Comedy

A family who has fallen into a difficult situation in Turkey goes to Azerbaijan for their legacy. The Azerbaijani and Turkish families have to do the items together in the list given to them in order to receive their inheritance.

Director: Ulas Cihan Simsek | Stars: Hakan Bilgin, Bahadir Efe, Duygu Karaca, Ilker Ayrik

Votes: 511

Pomegranate Orchard (I) (2017)

90 min | Drama

Gabil returns home to the humble family farmstead, surrounded by an orchard of venerable pomegranate trees; since his sudden departure twelve years ago he was never once in contact. However... See full summary »

Director: Ilgar Najaf | Stars: Hasan Agayev, Samimi Farhad, Ilaha Hasanova, Gurban Ismailov

Votes: 199

Forbidden Womanhood

Drama | Post-production

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Director: Maryam Zahirimehr | Stars: Alireza Aminataee, Farhad Mesbah, Farkhondeh Rava, Shiva Sinaee

Hozu (2017)

100 min | Comedy

Hozu is coming from a remote village to work with his cousin in Baku.

Director: Ilham Yasharoglu | Stars: Mecid Huseynov, Natavan Habibi, Teymur Mammadov, Nahida Orucova

Votes: 61

Qadin (A Woman) (2020)

13 min | Short, Drama

A young, modern mother struggles to find her place in Baku, Azerbaijan, a culture simultaneously Muslim and secular, progressive as it is traditional, and like her at a crossroads of ... See full summary »

Director: Tahmina Rafaella | Stars: Vidadi Aliyev, Eldar Mammadov, Rasim Mammadov, Tahmina Rafaella

Votes: 6

Down the River (2014)

90 min | Drama

Ali coaches a rowing team in a provincial town. The young squad also includes his son Ruslan, who finds it difficult to meet the demands Ali makes on him, and his father's frostiness and ... See full summary »

Director: Asif Rustamov | Stars: Namig Agayev, Mekhriban Zeki, Aleksandra Andrzejewska, Teymur Mammadov

Votes: 221

Sura Iskenderli: Bir daha yak (Yalanci) (2019 Video)

3 min | Short, Music

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Director: Nicat Zeynalli | Stars: Sura Iskenderli, Ajdar Zeynalov, Zarema Muradova, Kamran Ceferov

Nabat (2014)

105 min | Drama, War

An elderly couple confront the ravages of war in their poverty-stricken village.

Director: Elchin Musaoglu | Stars: Fatemah Motamed-Aria, Vidadi Aliyev, Sabir Mammadov, Farhad Israfilov

Votes: 216

Dolu (2012)

84 min | War

The film based on Agil Abbas's novel about Nagorno-Karabakh War.

Director: Elkhan Jafarov | Stars: Mammad Safa, Rza Rzayev, Elvin Ahmadov, Fuad Poladov

Votes: 353

Tähminä (1993)

107 min | Drama, Romance

Zaur and Tahmina are deeply in love. But Zaur's mother is not thinking highly about Tahmina. Further incidents affect him.

Director: Rasim Ojagov | Stars: Meral Konrat, Fakhraddin Manafov, Zarnigyar Agakishiyeva, Hasan Mammadov

Votes: 610

Don Marleone (2017)

85 min | Action, Thriller

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Director: Elmar Bayramov | Stars: Murad Abdullayev, Natavan Afandiyeva, Azer Aydemir, Sain Ferhad

Votes: 76

Bastard (II) (2019)

18 min | Short, Drama

Natig, a 16-year-old teenager, can't accept the shame of his family any longer and joins the military tryouts in an attempt to break away from his life in a small village.

Director: Daniel Guliyev | Stars: Togrul Akhmedov, Gular Babayeva, Zulfiya Gurbanova, Roman Huseynov

Buta (2011)

98 min | Drama

"Buta" is the story of a lonely 7-year old boy (named Buta), who lives in a mountain village with his grandmother. He is befriended by an old man, a liquid soap merchant who once loved (and... See full summary »

Director: Ilgar Najaf | Stars: Rafig Guliyev, Tofig Aliyev, Elnur Karimov, Laman Nabiyeva

Votes: 80

When the Persimmons Grew (2019)

118 min | Documentary

Immobile in a home where the sands of time fall to the rhythm of the rural Azerbaijani sounds, a mother waits for her son. When he arrives, their conversations circle around existential ... See full summary »

Director: Hilal Baydarov | Stars: Maryam Naghiyeva, Hilal Baydarov, Vusal Baydarov

Votes: 39

Färyäd (1993)

78 min | Drama, War

The film based loosely on the Nagorno-Karabakh War and Khojaly Genocide. The movie also includes scenes from Khojaly Genocide documentary by Chingiz Mustafayev.

Director: Jeyhun Mirzayev | Stars: Jeyhun Mirzayev, Melik Dadashev, Haci Ismayilov, Liana Qudadze

Votes: 783

30 (+) films pour la 30ème (2019)

75 min | Documentary

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Directors: Elvin Adigozel, Véronique Aubouy, Pascale Bodet, Dominique Cabrera, Clément Cogitore, Pierre Creton, Manon de Boer, Lav Diaz, Mati Diop, Sepideh Farsi, Élise Florenty, Paula Gaitán, Dora García, Chris Gude, Clarisse Hahn, Aleksandre Koberidze, Evangelia Kranioti, Fabrice Lauterjung, Mariano Llinás, Gaël Lépingle, Valérie Massadian, Noëlle Pujol, Antonia Rossi, Ghassan Salhab, Claude Schmitz, Yulia Shatun, Gastón Solnicki, Rania Stephan, Nobuhiro Suwa, Marie Voignier, Eduardo Williams, Helena Wittmann

Bozbash Pictures (2011– )


The comedy series of Shemi, Shoshu and their close relatives. They each possess unique characteristics, which puts them in funny, but also troubled situations.

Stars: Ilkin Hasani, Ramil Babayev, Elshan Orujov, Azer Bakhshaliyev

Votes: 44

Steppe Man (2012)

80 min | Drama

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Director: Shamil Aliyev | Stars: Salome Demuria, Vidadi Gasanov, Javidan Mammadly, Vüsal Mehraliyev

Votes: 80

Yuxu (2001)

79 min | Comedy, Romance

A young man tells the dream he had about running away with the daughter of chief of police to his grandma. People spread and exaggerate rumors as if it was a real story until it reaches to the chief himself.

Director: Fikret Aliev | Stars: Nasiba Zeynalova, Sayavush Aslan, Yashar Nuri, Zarnigyar Agakishiyeva

Votes: 481

Bäxt üzüyü (1991)

96 min | Comedy, Drama

Moshu's family and other families go to seaside motel and spend their summer vacation. Things get awkward after Sara loses her engagement ring.

Director: Ramiz Azizbayli | Stars: Afaq Basirqizi, Valeh Karimov, Gülsad Baxsiyeva, Aysad Mammadov

Votes: 513

The Eternals (2017)

Not Rated | 75 min | Documentary, War

We call those who suffer from the melancholy of eternity, eternals. Convinced that death cannot triumph over their lives, they believe that they are doomed to wander in anticipation of the ... See full summary »

Director: Pierre-Yves Vandeweerd

Votes: 66

Holy Cow (II) (2015)

77 min | Documentary

One man's dream of bringing a European cow in his picturesque village in Azerbaijan unsettles the conservative community that wants to keep their secular traditions intact.

Director: Imam Hasanov | Stars: Majid Abbasov, Khanali Huseynli, Vafa Huseynli, Murtuza Murshudov

Votes: 42

Mahalla (2003)

126 min | Comedy

A funny story happens to a block's residents. Everything begins when Tofig comes back from soldiering. Mommy wants to marry off his only son. His future father-in-law is a professor. But this professor is not like others.

Director: Ramiz Fataliyev | Stars: Tahir Imanov, Cabir Imanov, Elcin Hamidov, Rafael Isgenderov

Votes: 361

Three Girls (2007)

Not Rated | 83 min | Comedy

Three girls in the their early twenties, each in search of something more in life, practice sport rifle shooting in their spare time. When their love is taken advantage of by three guys (a ... See full summary »

Director: Murad Ibragimbekov | Stars: Joachim Paul Assböck, Alexandra Finder, Sergey Frolov, Murad Ibragimbekov

Votes: 16

Yarimçiq xatireler (2015)

90 min | Biography, Drama, History

An Azerbaijanian veteran of battle for Brest fortress takes gun again 50 years later - to defend Nagorny Karabakh from Armenians.

Director: Elkhan Jafarov | Stars: Bahruz Vagifolgu, Gurban Ismailov, Mikhail Kaminsky, Georgiy Tsaava

Votes: 203

Pärdä (2016)

72 min | Drama

Lala's wedding date, which was planned by her father, is approaching. Emil must quickly take some actions. There's a opportune chance: Lala's father goes out of town for a few days in ... See full summary »

Director: Emil Guliev | Stars: Zemfira Abdulsamadova, Tural Ahmad, Azer Aydemir, Konul Jafarzadeh

Votes: 334

Nails in My Brain (2020)

80 min | Documentary

A young man wanders through the ruins of what may or may not be his childhood home, where each crumbling doorway opens up onto the past. Memories accost him-memories of his school days, of ... See full summary »

Director: Hilal Baydarov | Star: Hilal Baydarov

Votes: 11

Naxox (2016)


Thus, Raftar and Qahraman meet years later, and it turns out that both of our heroes have problems, and both need urgent work.

Director: Zaur Mirzazada | Stars: Ferda Amin, Elmaddin Jafarov

Torn (I) (2014)

22 min | Short, Drama

Torn is a daring romantic drama about the story of a young girl who falls in love from a place of brokenness with the perfect guy; But what happens when she finds herself in a ... See full summary »

Directors: Elmar Imanov, Engin Kundag | Stars: Rasim Jafarov, Mir-Movsum Mirzazade, Zulfiyye Qurbanova

Votes: 9

End of Season (2019)

92 min | Drama

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Director: Elmar Imanov | Stars: Kamala Israfilova, Rasim Jafarov, Mir-Movsum Mirzazade, Zulfiyye Qurbanova

Votes: 42

Red Garden (2016)

90 min | Drama

Red garden tells the story of Abbas -biology teacher, his wife Vafa- piano teacher and Orkhan- orphan, after his granny's death. Vafa wants to adopt Orkhan but Abbas is against of this idea. He wants a son from his own blood.

Director: Ilgar Najaf

Votes: 21

Mother and Son (2019)

120 min | Documentary

In rural Azerbaijan, a mother welcomes her adult son, who left home eight years earlier. In the calm rhythm of rural life, reflective silences punctuate their personal, philosophical conversations.

Director: Hilal Baydarov | Stars: Maryam Naghiyeva, Hilal Baydarov

Votes: 8

Bilesuvar (2020)

85 min | Drama

Five stories barely connected to each other evoke a small town in the south of Azerbaijan, amid a territory of sheep breeding, where time seems to have stopped.

Director: Elvin Adigozel | Stars: Kamran Agabalayev, Niyameddin Amanov, Tofig Aslanov, Ilgar Dadash

Qiz qaçirtma (2017)

92 min | Comedy

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Director: Rüfet Shahbazov | Stars: Ferda Amin, Damla, Elsan Hajibabayev, Haci Ismayilov

Votes: 34

Force Majeure (2011)

8 min | Short, Drama, Family

Mom and Dad go on a weekend hunting trip, leaving their daughter home alone to care for the beloved family dog. Audience expectations are swiftly smashed when the returning parents are ... See full summary »

Directors: Ru Hasanov, Cem Kurtulus | Stars: Samantha Fox, Jordan Godino, Chris Newcomb, Lisa Reilich

Votes: 10

Ikinci pärdä (2018)

72 min | Drama

Tima's friends backbite on him after he leaves early from their friend Ibish's birthday party. Tima is going to experience a series of unexpected events.

Director: Emil Guliev | Stars: Rovshan Agayev, Gunay Ahmed, Qorqud Cafarli, Elshen Esgerov

Votes: 277

The Great Game (2016)

61 min | Documentary, Adventure

30,000 Miles Across Central Asia

Director: Jon Beardmore

2020 UEFA European Football Championship (2021)

90 min | Sport | Announced

The championships will take place in 12 locations in Europe, 11 June - 11 July 2021.

Stars: Manuel Akanji, David Alaba, Francisco 'Isco' Alarcón, Jordi Alba

A Trap for the Ghost, (2011)

101 min | Comedy, Drama, Family

A love story between a middle-aged French theater director and a young Azerbaijani actress. He's achieved success and fame, heads a theater, ladies adore him yet he remains single afraid of... See full summary »

Director: Rustam Ibragimbekov | Stars: Richard Martin, Melek Abbaszade, Timur Badalbeyli, Fatima Ibragimbekova

Fortress (2008)

83 min | Drama

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Director: Samil Nacafzada | Stars: Rasim Balayev, Vidadi Gasanov, Yuliya Peresild, Qorxmaz Alili

Votes: 36

Balta (2018– )

20 min | Animation, Comedy, Drama

Animated series that follows the struggle of three friends, Ismayil, Chingiz and Ali trying to make money and be more successful.

Stars: Firuddin Aliyev, Nijat Asgarzade, Erkin Ergin, Teymur Eyvazov

Votes: 253

Qurban (2011)

25 min | Short, Action, Adventure

Father of three daughters makes pilgrimage to Holy Mountain to perform a sacrifice asking God for a son.

Director: Anar Abbasov | Star: Sarvar Shahbeyli

Votes: 11

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