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Knock Off (1998)
37 metascore

Knock Off (1998)

R | 91 min | Action, Crime, Thriller

A fashion designer must join forces with a C.I.A. agent to combat terrorism.

Director: Hark Tsui | Stars: Jean-Claude Van Damme, Rob Schneider, Lela Rochon, Paul Sorvino

Votes: 13,965 | Gross: $10.08M

Hard Cash (2002)

R | 116 min | Action, Crime, Thriller

Released from prison, an infamous thief and his new crew pull of a brilliant robbery but then become embroiled with a corrupt FBI agent when they discover the money is marked.

Director: Predrag Antonijevic | Stars: Christian Slater, Val Kilmer, Sara Downing, Vincent Laresca

Votes: 3,036

Control (2004)

R | 104 min | Action, Crime, Thriller

A sociopath on death row is given a chance to live if he agrees to take part in a chemical behavioral modification program.

Director: Tim Hunter | Stars: Ray Liotta, Willem Dafoe, Michelle Rodriguez, Stephen Rea

Votes: 7,233

Derailed (2002)

R | 89 min | Action, Thriller

On an out of control train holding hostages and high-tech bio-weapons agent Kristoff (Van Damme) becomes a one man army to derail the terrorists and save the lives of everyone on board!

Director: Bob Misiorowski | Stars: Jean-Claude Van Damme, Tomas Arana, Laura Harring, Susan Gibney

Votes: 7,257

The Order (2001)

R | 89 min | Action, Adventure, Comedy

A playboy criminal contacts his dad after stealing a Faberge egg. Later it seems his dad has gone missing in Israel so he heads there. His disappearance is linked to the religious sect: The Order. Lots of fight and chase scenes.

Director: Sheldon Lettich | Stars: Jean-Claude Van Damme, Sofia Milos, Charlton Heston, Brian Thompson

Votes: 7,883

Unstoppable (I) (2004)

R | 96 min | Action, Adventure, Drama

Dean has PTSD after a wet-job gone bad in Bosnia. Waiting for his police girlfriend at a diner, some bad guys inject him with a hallucinogen. It sends him back to traumatic experiences in Bosnia and he reacts violently.

Director: David Carson | Stars: Wesley Snipes, Jacqueline Obradors, Stuart Wilson, Kim Coates

Votes: 4,761

Out for a Kill (2003 Video)

R | 90 min | Action, Crime, Thriller

An unsuspecting university professor is an unwitting accomplice in a foiled Chinese cocaine deal. Wrongly imprisoned, he escapes to take his revenge and prove his innocence.

Director: Michael Oblowitz | Stars: Steven Seagal, Michelle Goh, Corey Johnson, Tom Wu

Votes: 6,034

SharkMan (2005 TV Movie)

R | 92 min | Action, Adventure, Comedy

A scientist tries to save his son from cancer but his experiments turn him into a shark-man instead. A group of people from a pharmaceutical corporation are sent to the mad doctor's island to investigate his activities.

Director: Michael Oblowitz | Stars: William Forsythe, Hunter Tylo, Jeffrey Combs, Elise Muller

Votes: 1,614

Mercenary for Justice (2006 Video)

R | 91 min | Action, Drama, Thriller

A mercenary gets involved in a mission that threatens the lives of his kin. In order to succeed, he must break into one of the most wellguarded prisons in Eastern Europe and free the son of the most notorious drug lord in the world today.

Director: Don E. FauntLeRoy | Stars: Steven Seagal, Jacqueline Lord, Roger Guenveur Smith, Luke Goss

Votes: 3,785

Night Patrol (1984)

95 min | Action, Crime, Thriller

With the help of journalist Diane Castelain, Parisian police inspectors Leo Gorce and Gu Arenas are trying to solve the murder of a member of the French Parliament, but some dangerous powerful people try to make sure that doesn't happen.

Director: Jean-Claude Missiaen | Stars: Gérard Lanvin, Eddy Mitchell, Françoise Arnoul, Raymond Pellegrin

Votes: 115

Break Through (II) (2013)

62 min | Documentary, Drama

Break Through is a raw, eye-opening documentary following a group of impassioned theatre students who come together to produce a play aiming to shed light on the many stigmas and ... See full summary »

Director: Aaron Hose | Stars: Austen Elizabeth Edwards, Gabrielle Shulruff, Alex Wall

Votes: 7

Abo So (2013)

72 min | Comedy, Drama, Musical

Tatiana is a smart and demure young woman who moves with her mother and brother to their aunt's house. In her new neighborhood Tatiana meets Santiago, a quirky young man of Latin origin who... See full summary »

Director: Juan Francisco Pardo | Stars: Oscar Booy, Joshua Calderón, Addonsito Croes, Valerie Croes

Votes: 13

The Beginning (I) (2019)

7 min | Short, Adventure, Drama

'The Beginning' is a short film about a man who is forced to look into his past and confront his mistakes.

Director: Robert Filios | Stars: Lance Doven, K. Spencer Jones, Alex Scott, Matt Sharp

Pariba (2019)

16 min | Short, Comedy, Drama

For years, Xiomara and Julie have celebrated Aruban carnaval together, but this year, Xiomara's imminent move to the Netherlands puts a strain on this day-and their friendship.

Directors: Aramis Gonzalez, Elise van der Linde

Votes: 5

Juan's Boots (2009)

11 min | Short, Action, Drama

Juan's Boots is a story about the Colombian revolution. Kids are taken from their homes and forced to join the army at a young age. Families sacrifice themselves at the hands of their ... See full summary »

Director: Matthew Winkler | Stars: Nick Dale, Sibel Rahmanovic, Koren Kidis, Elias Fisher

Votes: 5

Stars of Tomorrow (2010– )

PG-13 | 30 min | Drama, Reality-TV

Series follows screen acting and screen directing students as they make and star in their very own prime time TV show.

Stars: Derick Martina, Lindsay Riley, Laine Tromp, Sharmaine Tromp

Scooby-Doo: A Origem do Mal (2018– )


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Stars: Isabela Bernado, Angelica Campos, Lucas Carvalho, Carolina Class

E Yobida di Ayera (2016)

9 min | Short, Drama

Monica is in love with her friend. And now she has finally found enough courage to tell her. Today will be her coming out day.

Director: Armand Simon | Stars: Kyara van Romondt, Sabrina Tromp, Lola van Dijk, Darryl de Vries

Back of Beyond (2013)

18 min | Short, Drama, Mystery

The life of a grieving and self-conflicted young man that lives in seclusion, is interrupted by the arrival of a cynical, aged man that questions his beliefs.

Director: Leo Aguirre | Stars: Roy D'Aguiar, Liza Dewindt, Scott Smit

Marry Me (2009)

5 min | Short, Comedy

Jim's creative and romantic plan to propose to his girlfriend is not as easy as it sounds. Running into stops at every turn, will he have enough energy to complete his task or give up and stay single?

Director: Thomas Knight Reign | Stars: Jim Meskimen, Tamra Meskimen, Joy Somers

E Jardinero (2013)

9 min | Short, Drama

A rich man and a poor man meet in a hospital hallway, where they are both being treated for the same form of cancer. The rich man -- whom has had the means to all the health-care in the ... See full summary »

Director: Jo Henriquez | Star: Clark de Windt

Siblings (2012)

17 min | Short, Drama

Two orphaned brothers with contrasting personalities struggle to get along after their mother's death.

Director: Leo Aguirre | Stars: Marcus de Cuba, Bamboo Dewindt, Armand Kelly, Rick Kock

One Kingdom, One Love (2015)

59 min | Documentary

A group of gay rights activists from the Dutch Caribbean islands visits the Amsterdam Gay Pride to raise awareness of the social nonacceptance of gays, lesbians and transgenders in their ... See full summary »

Director: Sebastiaan Kes

Votes: 10

Heb Het Lief (2010)

22 min | Short, Drama

Two friends, Alex and Mario, meet on a Caribbean island. A paradise that Alex calls home, while Mario has lost track in life and is haunted by his fears. As the two men make a road trip ... See full summary »

Director: Jon Karthaus | Stars: Sharina Henriquez, Marcel Romeijn, Yair van der Wieken

The Sons of Mapes (2015)

14 min | Documentary, Short, Biography

'The Sons of Mapes' shares the intimate and uplifting story of the 40-year reunion of an all-Latin American collegiate tennis team from the 1960s with their octogenarian coach from Texas.

Director: Aaron Hose | Stars: Carlos Alvarado, Jorge Andrew, Guillermo Aubone, Kenneth de Koning

A Kippah in the Caribbean (2015)

57 min | Documentary

The documentary is about Jewish Caribbean identity. About 400 years of Jewish history in Surinam, Curaçao and Aruba. We follow their trace through Portugal, Amsterdam, Brazil to Curaçao, ... See full summary »

Directors: Mike Ho-Sam-Sooi, Tanja Fraai

Awa Brak (2012)

10 min | Short, Drama

AWA BRAK (Brackish Water) tells the story of a young woman, Glenda, who lives in a wooden house on the beach. She survives on fish, water and memories. Her search for herself is an ... See full summary »

Director: Juan Francisco Pardo | Stars: Michael Paesch, Jorina Werleman

Votes: 11

10 Ave Maria (2011)

16 min | Short, Drama

No man is an island, it is said. In this beautifully observed film, we follow Mark, a lonely young man in search of happiness. Through his daily encounters he struggles with his desires and... See full summary »

Directors: Juan Francisco Pardo, Ryan Oduber | Stars: Zuleika Coffie, Juan Francisco Pardo

Votes: 6

Sin Rastro (2015)

8 min | Short, Drama

This short film, winner of 5 awards, ( Best movie, People's choice award, Best actress, Best actor, Best Editor) at Aruba short film festival 2015, is focused on Sara. Sara is aged 16 and ... See full summary »

Director: Gabriela Croes | Stars: Angeilys Porto, Josh Calderón, Celine Rodgers, Rudyanne Lejuez

Tesoro Arubano (2000–2005)


Series of 10 documentaries (2000-2005) on cultural issues of Aruba, directed and produced by Rebecca Roos, director of films such as ABO SO and BY HER HAND.

Blue Victoria (2012)

3 min | Short, Fantasy, Romance | Completed

A lonely street sweeper is seduced at 3 A.M by a beautiful blue being.

Directors: Bayou Bennett, Daniel Lir | Stars: Bayou Bennett, Jesse Derbyshire

Aruba Rays (2015 TV Movie)

22 min | Documentary, Adventure, Comedy | Completed

New York's top Stand-Up Comics start a Comedy Club in Aruba!

Director: Simon J. Heath

It Takes an Island: Saving the Aruban Cunucu Dog (2018)

28 min | Documentary, Short

Why dozens of volunteers are racing against time to save as many Aruban Cunucu Dogs as they can, before they end up in the the Island's "kill cage."

Director: Mike Bulda

Painter Antonio (2014)

10 min | Short, Drama

How good is your art it can depend on many unexpected factors and circumstances... This painter has story to tell...

Director: Darko Djeric

Schrodinger's Pat (2017)

13 min | Short, Comedy, Drama | Completed

A journey into the mind of a high-school chemistry teacher in the hours after he accidentally poisons himself.

Director: Patrick Dwyer

Pisces, Arise! (2010 Video)

15 min | Animation, Short, Comedy

Grant is not having the greatest run at life. He works a dead-end job in a fish and chip shop, is hounded by his porn-loving boss for being an 'oofty', and is in desperately in love with ... See full summary »

Director: Trevor Matthews | Stars: Jason Geary, Lelda Kapsis, Geoff Paine, John Williams

Poised (2011)

55 min | Drama, Romance

Dr. Harry Thomson's endless therapy dealing with his inability to maintain a relationship is put to the text when he meets Abigail Hastings, a lawyer living across the hall. He's ready to ... See full summary »

Director: Randall Sawka | Stars: Douglas Fowles, Hayley McCurdy, Erin Michell, Graham K. Miles

By Her Hand (2012)

42 min | Documentary, Short, Biography

In this inspirational documentary we witness the contributions of nine remarkable women to the island of Aruba. Driven by their love of family and a passion for making a difference, they ... See full summary »

Director: Rebecca Roos | Stars: Marifer Aguirre Broca, Liliana Erasmus, Angiolina Henriquez, Maureen Kelly

croZona (2021 Video)

45 min | Short, Horror

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Director: Karwan Meshary | Star: Karwan Meshary

Alto Vista (2015)

5 min | Short, Drama

Souls trapped in a moment, searching for love, satisfaction and forgiveness. Alto Vista is a place that not only unites a family, but also divides them, repeating their past and reflecting their future.

Director: Juan Francisco Pardo | Stars: Raphaela Mahadeo, Adriano Nanof, Ethan Solognier