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Santana (2020)

TV-MA | 106 min | Action, Crime, Drama

Two cops, two brothers. One is out for justice, the other revenge. They may kill each other before capturing the bad guys.

Directors: Maradona Dias Dos Santos, Chris Roland | Stars: Paulo Americano, Dalton Borralho, Terence Bridgett, Amanda Brown

Votes: 833

Into the Okavango (2018)

88 min | Documentary

A passionate conservation biologist brings together a river bushman fearful of losing his past and a young scientist uncertain of her future on an epic, four-month expedition across three ... See full summary »

Director: Neil Gelinas | Stars: Chris Boyes, Jack Boyes, Steve Boyes, Adjany Costa

Votes: 341

Windeck (2012– )

Comedy, Drama, Romance

Beauty, seduction, betrayal and the ultimate struggle for power play out in an Angolan lifestyle magazine house.

Stars: Celso Roberto, Nadia Silva, Micaela Reis, Ery Costa

Votes: 61

Sambizanga (1972)

102 min | Drama

Domingos is a member of an African liberation movement, arrested by the Portuguese secret police, after bloody events in Angola. He does not betray his companions, but is beaten to death in... See full summary »

Director: Sarah Maldoror | Stars: Domingos de Oliveira, Elisa Andrade, Jean M'Vondo, Dino Abelino

Votes: 213

Air Conditioner (2020)

72 min | Drama

When the air-conditioners mysteriously start to fall in city of Luanda, Matacedo (security guard) and Zezinha (housemaid) have the mission of retrieving their boss's ac.

Director: Fradique | Stars: José Kiteculo, Filomena Manuel, David Caracol, Tito Spyck

Votes: 235

Dias Santana (2016)

95 min | Action, Crime, Thriller

Thirty-five years ago Matias Santana was only six when he witnesses the brutal murder of his parents, with his unborn brother, Dias, still in his mother's womb. Flash forward and the ... See full summary »

Directors: Maradona Dias Dos Santos, Chris Roland | Stars: David O'Hara, Hakeem Kae-Kazim, Tamer Burjaq, Jenna Upton

Votes: 66

Nzinga, Queen of Angola (2013)

109 min | Adventure, Biography, Drama

In the 17th century a warrior woman fights for the independence of Angola. After witnessing the murder of her son and watching her people being humiliated by Portuguese colonizers, Njinga ... See full summary »

Director: Sérgio Graciano | Stars: Lesliana Pereira, Ana Santos, Erica Chissapa, Sílvio Nascimento

Votes: 81

Order of the Dragon (2018 TV Movie)

60 min | Action, Mystery, Thriller

When a professional assassin has a bad day at work, her whole world is shaken and her mark proves to hide more than one enigma behind the surface.

Director: David O'Connor | Stars: Patrick Lyster, Frances Sholto-Douglas, Athena Strates, Camilla Wolfson

Freaks (2017)

Not Rated | 93 min | Comedy, Horror

What happens in a world gone mad - when it becomes brother against brother??

Directors: Michael Crabtree, Greg Zekowski | Stars: Ian Alda, Gail Cronauer, Marieh Delfino, Jonathan Freeman

Votes: 11

The Hero (2004)

Not Rated | 97 min | Drama, War

A 20-year veteran of the Angolan civil war returns to the capital city of Luanda where he faces the challenges of assimilation and survival.

Director: Zézé Gamboa | Stars: Makena Diop, Milton 'Santo' Coelho, Maria Ceiça, Patrícia Bull

Votes: 143

Voo Directo (2010–2011)

50 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

A story about the lives of four flight attendants, Patricia, Martha, Yara and Weza. It's a story about friendship, love, loyalty and family. The four friends are in search of their soul mates and their happy ever afters.

Stars: Soraia Chaves, Micaela Reis, Maya Booth, Erica Chissapa

Votes: 26

Jikulumessu (2014–2015)


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Stars: Yaritsa Resende, Celso Roberto, Eric Santos, José Mata

Votes: 24

Sempre a Subir (2009– )


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Stars: Da Beleza, Presidente Gasolina, Príncipe Ouro Negro, SeBem

Serpentarius (2019)

80 min | Sci-Fi

A young man drifts through a post-disaster African landscape looking for his mother's ghost.

Director: Carlos Conceição | Stars: João Arrais, Isabel Abreu, Carlos Conceição

Votes: 40

O Grande Kilapy (2012)

100 min | Comedy, Drama

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Director: Zézé Gamboa | Stars: Lázaro Ramos, Pedro Hossi, João Lagarto, Hermila Guedes

Votes: 122

Bounce Angola (2008–2013)


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Stars: Coréon Dú, Chris Matthews

A Ilha dos Cães (2017)

77 min | Adventure, Drama, Fantasy

Two Angola, the colonial and the contemporary, spaced 60 years, share the curse of a mysterious island. In the past, the epicenter of the tragedy is an evil fortress, tomb of ... See full summary »

Director: Jorge António | Stars: Ângelo Torres, Miguel Hurst, Nicolau Breyner, João Cabral

Votes: 58

Caravana (1992)

Comedy, Drama

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Directors: Rogelio Paris, Júlio César Rodríguez | Stars: Samuel Claxton, Nancy Gonzáles, Enrique Molina, Omar Moynelo

Votes: 17

Monangambé (1968)

16 min | Short

Abuses by the Portuguese slave traders in their colony of Angola are depicted through the torture of one prisoner, based on ignorance and incomprehension.

Director: Sarah Maldoror | Stars: Carlos Pestana, Noureddine Dreis, Mohamed Zinet, Athmane Sabi

Votes: 40

Na Cidade Vazia (2004)

90 min | Drama

A group of children, fleeing the war, is taken to Luanda accompanied by a nun. When they reach the aeroplane, 12-year-old N'Dala decides to leave the group and to reconnoitre the city. The ... See full summary »

Director: Maria João Ganga | Stars: João Roldan, Domingos Fernandes Fonseca, Júlia Botelho, Ana Bustorff

Votes: 247

Unsettled: Seeking Refuge in America (2019)
73 metascore

Unsettled: Seeking Refuge in America (2019)

84 min | Documentary

Unsettled: Seeking Refuge in America follows the stories of LGBT refugees and asylum seekers from Africa and the Middle East as they flee persecution in their countries of origin to seek better and safer lives in the U.S.

Director: Tom Shepard

Votes: 20

Makamba Hotel (2009– )


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Stars: Dalton Borralho, Welket Bungué, Ery Costa, Félix Fontoura

O Miradouro da Lua (1993)

85 min | Drama

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Director: Jorge António | Stars: João Cabral, Aline Solange, Paulo Xisto, Custódia Correia

Votes: 16

Kangamba (2009)


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Director: Rogelio Paris | Stars: Jorge Enrique Caballero, Samuel Claxton, Alexis Díaz de Villegas, Linnett Hernandez Valdes

Votes: 30

Malteses, burgueses e às vezes... (1974)

95 min | Adventure, Comedy, Crime

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Director: Artur Semedo | Stars: Artur Semedo, Pedro Pinheiro, Jerónimo Ramos, Yola

Votes: 16

Ivory. A Crime Story (2016)

87 min | Documentary, Crime, Drama

3 years of shooting, 30 countries, over 250 hours of raw material provided the basis for the investigation documentary «IVORY. A CRIME STORY» about the causes and consequences of an ... See full summary »

Director: Sergey Yastrzhembsky | Star: Jeff Koinange

Votes: 13

Liberdade (2011)

16 min | Short, Action, Drama

Filmed in Luanda, Angola, the film follows two young lovers, Liberdade, an Angolan boy, and his Chinese girlfriend, Betty, as they navigate through the complications of their burgeoning ... See full summary »

Directors: Gabriel Abrantes, Benjamin Crotty | Stars: Dadi Carvalho, Joelson Da Silva, Wang Tian Guo, Zhou Jian

Votes: 29

Saudade (IX) (2017)

77 min | Documentary

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Director: Paulo Caldas | Stars: Karim Aïnouz, Arrigo Barnabé, Jules Elting, Adriana Falcão

Votes: 7

O escolhido/The chosen one

Drama, Thriller | Post-production

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Director: Jucilino Levis Albano | Stars: Tito Tiago, Elvira Joao, Jose Fiel Ngoma Diogo, Jandira Miguel

I Love Kuduro (2014)

96 min | Documentary, Action, Comedy

Kuduro (literally meaning 'hard arse') is an urban cultural movement that was born in Angola during the last decade of the Civil War. Created in discos and raves in downtown Luanda through ... See full summary »

Director: Mário Patrocínio

Votes: 58

Hora Quente (2008– )


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Stars: Joel Benoliel, Cabingano Manuel, Pedro Nzagi, Vânia Oliveira

Triângulo (2013)

75 min | Documentary

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Directors: Juliana Borges, Fradique, João Miller Guerra, Fernanda Polacow, Filipa Reis | Stars: Inês, Licínio, Paula

Death Metal Angola (2012)
68 metascore

Death Metal Angola (2012)

R | 90 min | Documentary, Music, War

DEATH METAL ANGOLA follows a loving Angolan couple, Sonia and Wilker, whose love for death metal music is bringing hope to the town and children of Huambo, and Angola as a country. The ... See full summary »

Director: Jeremy Xido | Stars: Sonia Ferreira, Wilker Flores

Votes: 87 | Gross: $0.00M

Los dioses de agua (2014)

110 min | Adventure, Drama, Mystery

Inspired by the investigation of the French ethnologist Marcel Griaule, Hermes, an Argentinean anthropologist, is preparing his first stage play. Fascinated by ancient knowledge from Dogon ... See full summary »

Director: Pablo César | Stars: Charo Bogarin, Jovania Da Costa, Onésimo De Carvalho, Horacio José Kilulo

Votes: 14

O Recado das Ilhas (1989)

90 min

Ficção poética mais que ficção dramática, MOIA é uma indagação dos traços de uma crioulidade sedimentada numa dinâmica Africana, Atlântida e Lusófona. O perfil e o percurso da protagonista,... See full synopsis »

Director: Ruy Duarte de Carvalho | Stars: Edmea Brigham, Tchale Figueira, Simeano Montrond, Romana Evora

Luanda, Factory of Music (2009)

54 min | Documentary, Music

A Luanda musseke under permanent construction shelters the kid poets. DJ Buda is one of them. In his computer, Buda brings to life mesmerizing electronic rhythms. They all want to try his ... See full summary »

Directors: Inês Gonçalves, Kiluanje Liberdade | Stars: DJ Bobodji, Dj Buda, Dj Mal Criado, Mankilas

Votes: 8

Café com Notícias (2020– )


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Stars: Diniz Kapapelo, Benedito Kayela, Suzana Mendes, Suely Rodrigues

Um Novo Amor

Comedy, Drama | Pre-production

A sweet friendship refreshes the soul.

Director: Filipe Henriques | Stars: Mauro Hermínio, Sílvio Nascimento, Ângelo Torres, Ciomara Morais

Querida Preciosa (2018– )


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Stars: Ciomara Morais, Carlos Paca, Ducilio Vera Cruz, Duarte Paulino

Des fusils pour Banta (1970)

85 min

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Director: Sarah Maldoror

Independência (2015)

110 min | Documentary, History, War

Independence begins with memories of the colonial situation in Angola, reveals the first steps in the struggle and covers the main settings where it took place. From 1961 to 1974, the war ... See full summary »

Director: Fradique | Stars: Kalaf Epalanga, Elisângela Rita

Votes: 11

Rostov-Luanda (1998)

76 min | Documentary

Born in Mauritania and raised in Mali, Abderrahmane Sissako received a scholarship to study film in Moscow, after graduating from school. To learn Russian, he was sent to Rostov on the Don ... See full summary »

Director: Abderrahmane Sissako

Votes: 20

Faz Lá Coragem Camarada (1977)

120 min

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Director: Ruy Duarte de Carvalho

Uma Festa para Viver (1975 TV Movie)

33 min | Documentary

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Director: Ruy Duarte de Carvalho

Cartas de Angola (2011)

63 min | Documentary, History

Letters from Angola is a voyage into a forgotten past where several stories intersect - that of Angolan-born filmmaker Dulce Fernandes and those of the Cubans who fought in the Angolan war.... See full summary »

Director: Dulce Fernandes | Stars: Ana Brandão, Chaz Mena

Votes: 12

Hereros Angola (2013)

100 min | Documentary, History | Completed

Hereros Angola is a documentary film on the ethnic group of the same name. Originated from Bantu peoples, they maintain their millennial culture which gains new senses through the camera.

Director: Sergio Guerra

Sopa Saber (2020– )


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Stars: Orlando Capata, Tiago Costa, Maestro Inácio, Ladilson Manuel

Mae Fatima (2009)

80 min | Documentary, Biography | Completed

Some years after the Angolan civil war, the 70-years-old nurse Fatima returns to her home country to initiate a humanitarian health mission in the small southern city Menongue.

Director: Christine Reeh | Star: Fátima Marques Mendes

El Último País (2017)

70 min | Documentary

What seemed to be a return trip to my country at a time of changes, ends as a trip into my self between contradictions and questionings about my identity as a Cuban.

Director: Gretel Marín

Njinga, Rainha de Angola (2013– )

109 min | Drama

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Stars: Lesliana Pereira, Erica Chissapa, Ana Almeida, Sílvio Nascimento

Votes: 13

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