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The Factory (2018)

109 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller

When a factory is bound to close, a group of workers decides to take action against the owner.

Director: Yuriy Bykov | Stars: Aleksey Faddeev, Denis Shvedov, Andrey Smolyakov, Ivan Yankovskiy

Votes: 1,135

Honest Thieves (2019)

99 min | Adventure, Comedy, Crime

Five misfits attempt to rob an antique heirloom with the plan to turn it in to the police and collect a reward.

Director: Gor Kirakosian | Stars: Lily Vardan, Rafayel Yeranosyan, David Tovmasyan, Levon Petrossian

Cilicia: The Land of Lions (2019)

20 min | Short, Action, Drama | Completed

It is a mood reel trilogy, that tells about one of the greatest chapters of the Armenian history - the Kingdom of Cilicia during its three-century-old existence (1080-1375), when Armenians ... See full summary »

Director: Ashot Arakelyan | Stars: Danniel Roumian, Michael Aleksanyan, Karo Pillz, Roffi Petrossian

Full House (2014–2017)


Three men and two women are tricked into renting the same apartment by a crooked realtor. They're all trying really hard to make each other leave, hilarity ensues.

Stars: Mihran Tsarukyan, Ani Yeranyan, Arpi Gabrielyan, Gor Hakobyan

Votes: 50

The Earthquake (2016)

101 min | Drama

Leninakan, Armenian SSR, USSR, 1988. After the devastating Spitak earthquake of December 7th, Konstantin Berezhnoy, a 50-year-old Russian, and Robert Melkonyan, a 28-year-old Armenian, work together to rescue the desperate survivors.

Director: Sarik Andreasyan | Stars: Konstantin Lavronenko, Mariya Mironova, Viktor Stepanyan, Tatev Ovakimyan

Votes: 1,316

Calendar (1993)

74 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

A photographer and his wife take photographs of Armenian churches for use in a calendar. Their driver, a local resident, expounds on the history of the churches while the wife translates. ... See full summary »

Director: Atom Egoyan | Stars: Arsinée Khanjian, Ashot Adamyan, Atom Egoyan, Michelle Bellerose

Votes: 1,872

Bravo Virtuoso (2016)

107 min | Action, Comedy, Crime

Alik, a young virtuoso clarinetist of a classical orchestra is forced to accept contracts intended for a hired killer, called the Virtuoso to save his orchestra. But Alik is a musician, not a murderer.

Director: Levon Minasian | Stars: Samvel Tadevosian, Maria Akhmetzyanova, Arman Navasardyan, Rudolph Ghevondyan

Votes: 113

Lost and Found in Armenia (2012)

100 min | Comedy

A US Senator's son (Jaime Kennedy) who attempts to forget the break up of his fiancée, is forced to vacation in Turkey by his best friends. A para-sailing trip mishap lands him in a small ... See full summary »

Director: Gor Kirakosian | Stars: Angela Sarafyan, Jamie Kennedy, Dave Sheridan, Jayda Berkmen

Votes: 1,528 | Gross: $0.12M

Spitak (2018)

98 min | Action, Drama

Gor is trying to fly to Armenia from Moscow to search for his family stuck at the very epicentre of the earthquake. Once there, Gor rushes through what's left from the town in search of his... See full summary »

Director: Aleksandr Kott | Stars: Mkhitar Avetisyan, Martun Ghevondyan, Lernik Harutyunyan, Joséphine Japy

Votes: 128

Gate to Heaven

Drama | Post-production

Many years ago, a military journalist, Robert, committed a mean act. Tortured by pangs of conscience, he makes a step towards repentance; it's the path to "Gate to Heaven".

Director: Jivan Avetisyan | Stars: Richard Sammel, Leonardas Pobedonoscevas, Nina Kronjäger, Naira Zakaryan

Barbecue (2017)

TV-PG | 102 min | Documentary

A symphony of meat and fire, Barbecue shows us how an everyday ritual is shared by cultures around the world, as a way to celebrate community, friendship, and tradition. A film told in 13 ... See full summary »

Director: Matthew Salleh | Stars: Lwazi Dlaminilf, Rufo 'Junny' Servado, Katsunori Yashima

Votes: 362

Life and Fight (2016)

110 min | Drama, History, Romance

Tigran loses the girl he loves, then he participates in the war over Nagorno-Karabakh to overcome his inner fears.

Director: Mher Mkrtchyan | Stars: George Hovakimyan, Ani Khachikyan, Hayk Margaryan, Rusik Martirosyan

Votes: 437

Poker AM (2012)

101 min | Adventure, Comedy

An adventurous comedy full of car thefts, chases, poker games. - and of course love story, passed through many misfortunes but having a happy end.

Director: David Babakhanyan | Stars: Artashes Aleksanyan, Hovhannes Azoyan, Shorena Begashvili, Lili Elbakyan

Votes: 190

Vodka Lemon (2003)
69 metascore

Vodka Lemon (2003)

90 min | Comedy, Drama

In a remote, isolated Yazidi Kurdish village in post-Soviet Armenia, Hamo, a widower with a pitiful pension and three worthless sons, travels daily to his wife's grave. There he meets the ... See full summary »

Director: Hiner Saleem | Stars: Romen Avinian, Lala Sarkissian, Ivan Franek, Ruzan Mesropyan

Votes: 1,823 | Gross: $0.06M

Anahit (2014)

90 min | Animation, Adventure, Family

The King of Ancient Armenia Vachagan fell in love with Anahit. And to gain her love he must become something more than a king.

Directors: David Sahakyants, Lyulya Sahakyants | Stars: Mkrtich Arzumanyan, David Babayan, Nazeni Hovhannisyan, Rafael Kotanjyan

Votes: 126

The Last Inhabitant (2016)

82 min | Drama, War

They lost their paradise and escaped hell, led only by love, virtue and self-sacrifice.

Director: Jivan Avetisyan | Stars: Anne Bedian, Babken Chobanyan, Sandra Dauksaite-Petrulene, Homayoun Ershadi

Votes: 96

American Mirror - Intimations of Immortality (2018)


Oscar-winning screen icon Susan Sarandon and Armenian painter Tigran Tsitoghdzyan discuss time and identity, and how the apparently in conflict values of beauty and aging are perceived in ... See full summary »

Director: Arthur Balder | Stars: Susan Sarandon, Tigran Tsitoghdzyan, Florence Faivre, Hilary Rhoda

Votes: 7

Ellen's Diary (2017– )


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Stars: Mariam Adamyan, Davit Aghajanyan, Hovak Galoyan, David Hakobyan

Votes: 5

Parajanov: The Last Spring (1992)

55 min | Documentary

Made in wartime and edited in candlelight, Mikhail Vartanov's rarely-seen masterpiece tells about his friendship with the genius Sergei Parajanov who was imprisoned by KGB "at the peak of ... See full summary »

Directors: Mikhail Vartanov, Sergei Parajanov | Stars: Sergei Parajanov, Mikhail Vartanov, Sofiko Chiaureli, Aleksandr Kaydanovskiy

Votes: 184

The Stranger (2012–2013)


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Stars: Gurgen Antonyan, Vagagn Galstyan, Levon Ghazaryan, Gevorg Grigoryan

Votes: 7

About Him or How He Did Not Fear the Bear (2019)

112 min | Drama

On 12 January 2015, a Russian soldier forces his way into the home of an Armenian family in the city of Gyumri. He kills all seven members of the family. The filmmakers use shots of the ... See full summary »

Directors: Arsen Azatyan, Narine Mkrtchyan | Stars: Armen Abelyan, Samvel Asatryan, Mher Gasparyan, Robert Hakobyan

State of Défacto (2020)

Action, Drama, History | Announced

When single mother Anahid Kalentz complains about the horrors of war, it falls on deaf ears, as her son and only family, David, has made the decision behind her back to enlist in what will ... See full summary »

Director: Art Sevada | Stars: Hrant Tokhatyan, Marjan Avetisyan, Nerses Avetisyan

I Am Not Alone (2019)

90 min | Documentary

On Easter 2018, a man puts on a backpack and begins to walk across Armenia. His mission: to inspire a velvet revolution - and topple the corrupt regime that enjoys absolute power in his ... See full summary »

Director: Garin Hovannisian | Stars: Nikol Pashinyan, Serzh Sargsyan, Valeriy Osipyan, Anna Hakobyan

Lorik (2018)

95 min | Drama

The main character of the film is an actor Lorik who lives in his fantasy world of played roles. Sometimes he can be Cyrano de Bergerac or King Richard.

Director: Alexey Zlobin | Stars: Irene Ayvazyan, Narek Baghdasaryan, Evgeniya Dmitrieva, Ani Galstyan

Votes: 16

Veradardz (2010–2011)

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Stars: S. Devoyan, Sos Janibekyan, Samvel Sarkisyan, Armen Dzhigarkhanyan

Votes: 5

Alter Ego (I) (2016)

125 min | Biography, Drama

A film about the great Komitas, one of the victims of the Armenian Genocide, who wasn't killed, but went crazy and kept silence for 20 years.

Director: Vigen Chaldranyan | Stars: Vardan Mkrtchyan, Ani Ghazaryan, Arto Khachaturyan, Vache Sharafyan

Votes: 12

The Lighthouse (2006)

80 min | Drama

In the 90s, Lena returns to the home of her grandparents in a tiny, war-torn village in Armenia. Lena begs them to follow her lead and retreat to the safety of Moscow. They are hesitant to ... See full summary »

Director: Mariya Saakyan | Stars: Anna Kapaleva, Olga Yakovleva, Sos Sargsyan, Sofiko Chiaureli

Votes: 179

Yeva (2017)

94 min | Drama

Yeva is a young woman who escapes her influential in-laws with her daughter Nareh, after her husband's tragic death and takes refuge in one of the villages of Karabakh, Azerbaijan - Yeva is... See full summary »

Director: Anahid Abad | Stars: Narine Grigoryan, Shant Hovhannisyan, Marjan Avetisyan, Rozi Avetisyan

Votes: 182

Yerek Yereko (2010)

64 min | Drama

An unconventional story conveyed with a delicate sensuality about two broken souls and a brief encounter reigniting memories and leading to difficult choices.

Director: Arshak Amirbekyan | Stars: Georgi Amiraghov, Grigor Baghdasaryan, Hasmik Danielyan, Azniv Vardanyan

Votes: 62

Moskvich, My Love (2015)

86 min | Comedy, Drama

Hamo, an old farmer lives with his wife in a remote village in the mountains of Armenia. The money their son send them from Russia just allows them to survive. But Hamo nourishes a dream of... See full summary »

Director: Aram Shahbazyan | Stars: Frunzik Amirkhanyan, Martun Ghevondian, Hilda Ohan

Votes: 18

Finding Noah (2015)

Not Rated | 116 min | Documentary, Adventure, Drama

A group of intrepid explorers go on a journey of discovery and excitement as they climb and live atop a 17,000ft mountain in Eastern Turkey to conduct a scientific expedition to determine ... See full summary »

Director: Brent Baum | Stars: Chris Fries, Gary Sinise

Votes: 84

Hit the Road: India (2013)

Not Rated | 80 min | Documentary, Sport

Hit The Road: India is a travel adventure documentary about two friends participating in a 12-day rickshaw rally across India, from Mumbai to Chennai, recognized by Lonely Planet as one of the top-10 greatest adventures of 2012.

Directors: Gor Baghdasaryan, Mushegh Baghdasaryan | Stars: Richard Gazarian, Keith King

Votes: 106

Songs of Solomon (2019)

120 min | Drama | Post-production

This is a film about a childhood friendship that is torn apart by the horrific Hamidian massacres infiltrated by the Ottoman Empire under the rule of Sultan Abdul Hamid II from 1894-1896. A... See full summary »

Director: Arman Nshanian | Stars: Samvel Tadevosian, Arevik Gevorkyan, Tatev Ovakimyan, Sos Janibekyan

Chaos (2019– )


The 16-episode TV series is based on Alexander Shirvanzade's novel Chaos.

Stars: Mkrtich Arzumanyan, Sos Janibekyan, Rafael Kotanjyan, Khoren Levonyan

Votes: 161

On the Old Roman Road (2001)

76 min | Drama

Also Wano, carpet-seller, will receive his second, secret life, as light-footed dead-angel for the Turkish politician, as charming terrorist, as loner and successful lover. He prepared the ... See full summary »

Director: Don Askarian | Stars: Don Askarian, Sylvia Gelton, Pavel Khachatrian, Stepan Shahinyan

Votes: 35

Lõbus perekond (2018)

95 min | Comedy

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Director: Mikhail Pogosov | Stars: Saara Kadak, Aramo, Armen Arushanyan, Tigran Gevorkjan

Votes: 37

Our Yard (1998)

138 min | Comedy, Musical

Are you ready for another 2 hours of non-stop jokes and music? Welcome to "Mer Bake 2", a sequel to "Mer Bake".

Director: Mikael Dovlatyan | Stars: Hrant Tokhatyan, Armen Khostikyan, Ashot Ghazaryan, Zaruhi Aramyan

Votes: 87

Yere1 (2010– )


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Stars: Sepuh Apikyan, Hovhannes Azoyan, Grigor Danielyan, Andranik Harutyunyan

Votes: 13

The Concubine

120 min | History | Announced

A historic drama based on the poem "The Concubine" by Daniel Varujan.

Director: Ruben Kochar | Stars: Yero Murian, Narine Kochar, Karen Hovhannisyan, Lusine Alexanian

Mariam's Day Off (2017)

45 min | Drama

Young prostitute meets an artist, gets invited to a modeling session and finds herself in rather new and exciting world of artists; then the day ends and she has to return to her usual place in life.

Director: Arshak Amirbekyan | Stars: Ashot Adamyan, Anna Gevorgyan, Ruzan Mesropyan, Ara Sargsyan

Votes: 25

Tanets s sablyami

Biography, Drama | Post-production

Cold autumn of 1942. Second year of war. Former Molotov city, which was renamed after the war to Perm. The Leningrad Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet after Kirov is evacuated here and ... See full summary »

Director: Yusup Razykov | Stars: Ambartsum Kabanyan, Aleksandr Kuznetsov, Aleksandr Ilin, Sergey Yushkevich

Domino (2015– )


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Stars: Narine Aleqsanyan, Gayane Avetisyan, Narek Baveyan, Saten Ghazaryan

Votes: 19

Secret Love (2016– )


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Stars: Mariam Adamyan, Davit Aghajanyan, Samvel Asatryan, Gayane Balyan

Votes: 11

Big Story in a Small City (2006)

90 min | Comedy

The feature film is based on true events that changed two families forever. The story, both comical, satirical and a tragedy begins in the city of Yerevan, Armenia. Grigor Janoyan, a ... See full summary »

Director: Gor Kirakosian | Stars: Julia Babayan, Julietta Babayan, Vahagn Galstyan, Narek Gaplanian

Votes: 166

Thank You, Dad (2014)

95 min | Comedy, Romance

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Director: Hrach Keshishyan | Stars: Krista Donargo, Luisa Ghambaryan, Mayranush Grigoryan, David Hakobyan

Votes: 59

Alien (2017)


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Stars: Davit Aghajanyan, Gayane Balyan, Hovak Galoyan, Marinka Khachatryan

Avetik (1992)

100 min | Drama

Set around the central figure of an Armenian trying to forge a life in the West the film offers a series of impressions of Armenian history.

Director: Don Askarian | Stars: Alik Asatryan, Mikhail Stepanyan, Karen Dzhanibekyan, Eduard Saribekyan

Votes: 109

Armenie(s), le Temps des Artistes (2019)

52 min | Documentary

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Director: David Vital-Durand | Stars: Djivan Abkarian, Simon Abkarian, Ariane Ascaride, Hovnatan Avédikian

The Line 2: 25 Years Later (2017)

118 min | Drama

Just like its first part, The Line 2. 25 Years Later, is a story about ourselves, marking our achievements and failures, happiness and grief, our beloved ones and enemies, love, dreams and ... See full summary »

Director: Mher Mkrtchyan | Stars: Arcrun Chobanyan, Babken Chobanyan, Ani Ghazaryan, Narine Grigoryan

Votes: 82

Shadows of the Empire (2019)

76 min | Documentary

'Three separate stories of people variously bruised and uprooted by Russia's never-ending war on small states that are unwilling to comply to its imperial politics, 'Shadows of Empire' is ... See full summary »

Director: Karol Starnawski

Votes: 5

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