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Gjyshja (2019)

Short, Drama

In the north of communist Albania, in an isolated mountain village, the life of a family will change forever. Patriarchal norms and traditions have transformed the inhabitants. Shpresa, ... See full summary »

Director: Eduart Grishaj | Stars: Ema Andrea, Lule Colaj, Marash Colaj, Enxhi Cuku

Votes: 29

Ulysses' Gaze (1995)

Unrated | 176 min | Drama, War

An exiled filmmaker finally returns to his home country where former mysteries and afflictions of his early life come back to haunt him once more.

Director: Theodoros Angelopoulos | Stars: Harvey Keitel, Maia Morgenstern, Erland Josephson, Thanasis Vengos

Votes: 6,242 | Gross: $0.04M

Zana (2019)

97 min | Drama, Mystery

Haunted by her long suppressed past and pressured by family to seek treatment from mystical healers for her infertility, a Kosovar woman struggles to reconcile the expectations of motherhood with a legacy of wartime brutality.

Director: Antoneta Kastrati | Stars: Adriana Matoshi, Astrit Kabashi, Fatmire Sahiti, Mensur Safqiu

Votes: 4,190

Hive (2021)

84 min | Drama | Completed

Fahrije's husband has been missing since the war in Kosovo. She sets up her own small business to provide for her kids, but as she fights against a patriarchal society that does not support her, she faces a crucial decision.

Director: Blerta Basholli | Stars: Yllka Gashi, Cun Lajci, Aurita Agushi, Kumrije Hoxha

The Man Who Bought the Moon (2018)

105 min | Comedy

A Sardinian fisherman has promised the moon to the woman he loves. And Sardinian men always keep their promises.

Director: Paolo Zucca | Stars: Jacopo Cullin, Francesco Pannofino, Stefano Fresi, Benito Urgu

Votes: 382

Home (VIII) (2016)

20 min | Short, Drama

Thousands of men, women and children struggle to get into Europe as a comfortable English family leave, on what appears to be a holiday.

Director: Daniel Mulloy | Stars: Jack O'Connell, Holliday Grainger, Tahliya Lowles, Zaki Ramadani

Votes: 371

I Love Tropoja (2020)

103 min | Adventure, Comedy

A bank analyst is being promoted to head an office in one of the most dangerous parts of the country - Tropoja.

Director: Ermal Mamaqi | Stars: Bujar Asqeriu, Margent Caushi, Julian Deda, Arjola Demiri

Votes: 289

The Marriage (2017)
68 metascore

The Marriage (2017)

97 min | Drama, Romance

Bekim and Anita are getting married, but she is unaware that he is still in love with his best friend Nol.

Director: Blerta Zeqiri | Stars: Alban Ukaj, Adriana Matoshi, Genc Salihu, Vjosa Abazi

Votes: 531

My lake (2020)

100 min | Drama

MY LAKE, or "my movie", although it is a cinematic narrative in itself, is quite simply an ordinary story, natural for its extraordinary reality, unnatural for Albanian society. For about ... See full summary »

Director: Gjergj Xhuvani | Stars: Ariton Pollozhani, Tristan Halilaj, Vedran Zivolic, Elia Zaharia

Votes: 79

Xóa Nợ (2018)

TV-MA | 104 min | Drama

A man struggling under the crushing weight of debt must work as a tax collector to pay off his creditors.

Director: Antonio Morabito | Stars: Claudio Santamaria, Marco Giallini, Jerzy Stuhr, Flonja Kodheli

Votes: 1,334

Aga's House (2019)

107 min | Comedy, Drama

A young boy living in a house of women must hurry to save a woman who is teaching him Serbian, so that he can continue the search for his missing father.

Director: Lendita Zeqiraj | Stars: Arti Lokaj, Rozafa Celaj, Adriana Matoshi, Basri Lushtaku

Votes: 474

Albanian Gangster (2018)

TV-MA | 81 min | Crime, Drama

The criminal subculture of the Albanian community in the Bronx, starring a real-life ex-con.

Director: Matthew A. Brown | Stars: Ashley C. Williams, Matthew A. Brown, Brooke Stone, Brian Patrick Murphy

Votes: 162

Cash Only (2015)
71 metascore

Cash Only (2015)

Not Rated | 91 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller

A money troubled man finds some cash in an apartment which later turns out to belong to someone who stops at nothing to get his money back.

Director: Malik Bader | Stars: Nickola Shreli, Brandon Trammer, Stivi Paskoski, Danijela Stajnfeld

Votes: 1,140

2 Fingers Honey (2019)

101 min | Comedy

The story of a couple trying to realize a honeymoon in the Caribbean, but a mistake in buying tickets makes them wander the streets of southern Albania experiencing many different vicissitudes.

Director: Emir Khalilzadeh | Stars: Margent Caushi, Bujar Asqeriu, Vin Bejleri, Koço Devole

Votes: 570

Light Falls (2021)

Thriller | Post-production

A young couple vacationing on a Greek island explores an abandoned hotel. An accident and a clash of different worlds set off a spiral of violence and revenge.

Director: Phedon Papamichael | Stars: Elensio, Lasha Zambakhidze

Tomka and His Friends (1977)

74 min | Drama, Family, War

The Wehrmacht arrives in a small Albanian town after Italy capitulates to the Allies. Tomka and his gang decide to exact revenge when the German soldiers set up camp on their football pitch.

Director: Xhanfize Keko | Stars: Sotiraq Çili, Zehrudin Dokle, Pavlina Oça, Xhelal Tafaj

Votes: 268

The Forgiveness of Blood (2011)
73 metascore

The Forgiveness of Blood (2011)

Not Rated | 109 min | Drama

An Albanian family is torn apart by a murder, resulting in a blood feud that makes eldest son Nik a prime target and forces his sister, eldest daughter Rudina, to leave school in order to take over the family business.

Director: Joshua Marston | Stars: Tristan Halilaj, Sindi Lacej, Refet Abazi, Ilire Vinca Celaj

Votes: 1,861 | Gross: $0.12M

You Can Call Me John (2017)

120 min | Romance

In the loud city of Tirana, a poor boy from the suburbs falls in love with a problematic girl who comes from a very rich family. A passionate story interwined with the collision of two different social classes.

Directors: Dionis Papadhimitri, Klajd Papadhimitri | Stars: Nevina Shtylla, Arbies Komoni, Genti Kame, Ermira Gjata

Votes: 33

The Invisible Man (II) (2020)

12 min | Short, Mystery, Thriller

A scared young man who is trapped in a boring and unsuccessful lifestyle because someone or something repeatedly haunts him.

Director: Enriko Hamzaj | Star: Xhoi Skenderaj

Votes: 12

Sworn Virgin (2015)
70 metascore

Sworn Virgin (2015)

Unrated | 84 min | Drama

Years after declaring her eternal virginity and opting to live life as a man in the mountains of Albania, Hana looks to return to living as a woman as she settles into a new existence in modern-day Milan.

Director: Laura Bispuri | Stars: Alba Rohrwacher, Emily Ferratello, Lars Eidinger, Flonja Kodheli

Votes: 1,042 | Gross: $0.00M

SAZ- the Key of Trust (2018)

90 min | Documentary

In a personal quest for meaning, brilliant musician Petra Nachtmanova will travel for weeks on the roads asking one question: "Can you teach me a song you think I should bring back home?". On her back, the legendary instrument: a Saz

Director: Stephan Talneau | Stars: Florent Chaintiou, Petra Nachtmanova

Votes: 223

Open Door (2019)

78 min | Drama

A married Albanian mother and her pregnant sister try to find a man to play the part of the sister's husband before they meet up with their strict, traditional father.

Director: Florenc Papas | Stars: Luli Bitri, Jonida Vokshi, Gulielm Radoja, Sotiraq Bratko

Votes: 39

The Van (2019)

15 min | Short, Drama

The Van stops, the doors open, and Ben comes out alive. Another few fights and he will be able to leave Albania. He still hopes his father will leave with him.

Director: Erenik Beqiri | Stars: Phénix Brossard, Arben Bajraktaraj, Afrim Muçaj, Lulzim Zeqja

Votes: 76

Falco (2019)

98 min | Comedy

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Director: Besart Kallaku | Stars: Besart Kallaku, Bleona, Arben Derhemi, Albano Bogdo

Votes: 114

Cold November (2018)

93 min | Drama

FADILI an archivist finds himself in a difficult situation, he has to choose between two options, being aware that both of them are wrong. As consequence if his decision Fadil involuntarily... See full summary »

Director: Ismet Sijarina | Stars: Kushtrim Hoxha, Adriana Matoshi, Emir Hadzihafizbegovic, Fatmir Spahiu

Votes: 237

The Delegation (2018)

77 min | Drama

In 1990, a European delegation comes to Tirana to monitor the reforms of the communist regime. A government official is sent on a mission to a faraway prison in order to bring an important dissident back to the capital.

Director: Bujar Alimani | Stars: Viktor Zhusti, Xhevdet Ferri, Ndriçim Xhepa, Richard Sammel

Votes: 95

Black Man (2017)

129 min | Comedy, Drama, Mystery

A young couple and her brother spend a lot of time together around the city, having a lot of fun but all this happiness ends in the most unimaginable way.

Director: Gentian Selo | Stars: Klevis Bega, Julinda Emiri, Jaho Guma, Lorena Hida

Votes: 53

Skanderbeg (1953)

95 min | Action, Drama, History

This is the true story of the National Hero of Albanians, George Kastrioti Scanderbeg, from his birth to his death. 1405-1468. Based mainly upon the monk writer Marin Barleti, the movie ... See full summary »

Director: Sergei Yutkevich | Stars: Akaki Khorava, Besa Imami, Adivie Alibali, Semyon Sokolovsky

Votes: 625

Skanderbeg (2017– )


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Stars: Jonida Vokshi, Vedat Bajrami, Besmir Bitraku, Erjona Kakeli

Votes: 40

Femrat (2013)

90 min | Comedy

An albanian farce/comedy about women and men and their problems

Director: Rudina Vojvoda | Stars: Ermal Mamaqi, Enxhi Cuku, Zamira Kita, Robert Aliaj

Votes: 404

The Happiness Effect (2019)


Lea, 21, is being diagnosed with leukemia. Having no time left she starts appreciating every hour, seeing beauty where she's never seen before. Hoping she could change the world, Lea makes ... See full summary »

Director: Borjan Zafirovski | Stars: Dejana Poposka, Sasko Kocev, Ana Stojanovska, Sara Anastasovska

Votes: 25

Amnesty (2011)

83 min | Drama

Conjugal visits unite two strangers visiting a prison to meet their incarcerated spouses. During these visits, Elsa and Spetim find the companionship missing from their lives. But a ... See full summary »

Director: Bujar Alimani | Stars: Luli Bitri, Karafil Shena, Todi Llupi, Mirela Naska

Votes: 191

Sound of Fear

72 min | Documentary | Completed

In the summer of 1987, Tonin Gjini swam from Albania to Yugoslavia, in search of freedom. Three decades later, he revisits the locations and recreates the events of that unforgettable experience.

Director: Ardit Sadiku | Stars: Tonin Gjini, Aleksandër Ruçi, Mehdi Muriqi, Zef Bregu

The Albanian (2010)

105 min | Drama

Handsome Albanian villager Arben wants to marry Etleva, daughter of a neighboring clan, but her father has promised her to another man who is offering a 10,000 Euros bride price. But when ... See full summary »

Director: Johannes Naber | Stars: Nik Xhelilaj, Amos Muji Zaharia, Çun Lajçi, Luan Jaha

Votes: 617

Sex, Përrallë dhe Celular (2015)

85 min | Comedy

A wide-eyed, middle-aged children's book writer does not realize his attractive wife is having an affair with a younger man. When the writer catches the cheating duo, he collapses and then ... See full summary »

Director: Erion Bubullima | Stars: Arjola Basho, Arnita Beqiraj, Egla Ceno, Xhokonda Dule

Votes: 15

Dashuria S'mjafton (2018)


Love is not enough to achieve the set goals and is seen as a stumbling block, and you have to make a pact with the world of crime and often sacrifice friends and family for ambition. The ... See full summary »

Director: Drilon Hoxha | Stars: Drilon Hoxha, Ardian Ramushi, Klark Morina, Ardit Zela

Votes: 34

Amsterdam Express (2014)

107 min | Drama

Albanian emigrant is precariously caught in Amsterdam among the promise and allure of the rich city, threats of ruthless drug dealers & sex traffickers.

Director: Fatmir Koçi | Stars: Blerim Destani, James Biberi, Carolien Spoor, Dritan Kastrati

Votes: 308

Drejt Fundit (2015)

120 min | Action

It's first action movie in Albania

Director: Drilon Hoxha | Stars: Drilon Hoxha, Erand Hoxha, Ardian Ramushi, Ardit Zela

Votes: 239

Three Lions Heading to Venice (2020)

95 min | Comedy, Drama

Two Albanian filmmakers are going to attend the award ceremony of Venice Film Festival but on the road they meet with two actresses that work in the adult movie industry that change the purpose of their trip.

Director: Jonid Jorgji | Stars: Kastriot Çaushi, Alessandra Bonarotta, Natalia De Maria, Vasjan Lami

Honeymoons (2009)

95 min | Drama

'Honeymoons' shows us that the distance between Eastern and Western Europe is more than a question of kilometers. The films follows two couples, one is Albania, one in Serbia, who in the ... See full summary »

Director: Goran Paskaljevic | Stars: Nebojsa Milovanovic, Jelena Trkulja, Jozef Shiroka, Mirela Naska

Votes: 312

Daybreak (2017)

85 min | Drama

Leta has not been able to pay the rent for several months. When she and her one-year-old son are thrown out of their apartment, they move in with Sophie, an old woman confined to bed, whose... See full summary »

Director: Gentian Koçi | Stars: Ornela Kapetani, Suzana Prifti, Kasem Hoxha, Hermes Kasimati

Votes: 138

Beni ecën vetë (1975)

80 min | Drama, Family

The adventures of a young boy , who comes to live from city to a village during school vacations .

Director: Xhanfize Keko | Stars: Herion Mustafaraj, Pandi Raidhi, Dhorkë Orgocka, Yllka Mujo

Votes: 102

Dear Albania (2015)

57 min | Documentary

Eliza Dushku takes on her homeland of Albania.

Director: Nate Dushku | Stars: Eliza Dushku, Nate Dushku, Fadil Berisha, Blerim Destani

Votes: 245

The Forgotten Mountain (2018)

94 min | Drama

Rikard, after being swindled out of his home by his own son, relies on the kindness of his daughter, Ema, and her husband, Lorenc who offer him a cabin dwelling in the 'Accursed Mountains.'

Director: Ardit Sadiku | Stars: Xhevat Qorraj, Fatlume Bunjaku, Agron Shala, Kastriot Shehi

Votes: 22

Pallati 176 (1986)

115 min | Comedy

English: A comedy by well-known Albanian theater. A comedy known and loved by all, under the interpretation of the most famous actors of the Albanian National Theatre. A comedy that ... See full summary »

Director: Mevlan Shanaj | Stars: Eva Alikaj, Ilir Bezhani, Elida Janushi, Anastas Kristofori

Votes: 188

Encounter in the Air (2019)

90 min | Drama

Blerim, an employee of a TV station, takes on a highly unusual side gig - one that immerses him in a world of mental illness, paranoia, and blurred reality.

Director: Ardit Sadiku | Stars: Herton Meta, Todi Kasemi, Auron Mimaj, Sebina Matlija

Votes: 7

The Stork (2020)


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Director: Isa Qosja | Stars: Shkumbin Istrefi, Arta Dobroshi, Flonja Kodheli, Donat Qosja

Xing me Ermalin (2016–2019)


Xing me Ermalin is a late night show inspired TV show running on TV Klan network in Albania for 3 seasons. Every episode has one or more guests being interviewed by the host Ermal Mamaqi. ... See full summary »

Stars: Kejvina Kthella, Ermal Mamaqi

Votes: 5

Distant Angels (2017)


The story takes place in March 1999, Kosovo. it is the period of NATO bombing. Massive displacement of Albanians on ethnic basis. Terror, fear, insecurity, hunger has plagued Gjakova town ... See full summary »

Director: Gjergj Xhuvani | Stars: Rinaldo Rocco, Teuta Krasniqi, Nik Xhelilaj, Ndriçim Xhepa

Votes: 246

Misioni përtej detit (1988)


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Director: Lisenko Malaj | Stars: Bujar Asqeriu, Alfred Bualoti, Spiro Duni, Vangjel Heba

Votes: 9

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