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Exposed (I) (2012)

82 min | Drama, Mystery, Thriller

You're ambitious and want to be a player in the New York City political arena. Be careful what you wish for.

Directors: Burke Heffner, Shashi Balooja | Stars: Shashi Balooja, Michelle Glick, Josh Heine, Gregory Wooddell

Votes: 46

Vanishing Sail (2015)

88 min | Documentary, Family, History

"If this thing gone from here, everything gone, you know". Alwyn Enoe is one of the last wooden boatbuilders in the Grenadines, he decides to create one final sailing vessel with his sons ... See full summary »

Director: Alexis Andrews

Votes: 21

Redemption of Paradise (2011)

90 min | Action

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Director: Noel Howell | Stars: Macka Diamond, Keturah Hamilton, Keithroy Mason, Marc-Anthony Massiah

Working Girl (2010)

Not Rated | 151 min | Drama

Dire circumstances drive a brilliant school girl into the seedy world of prostitution.

Director: Nigel Trellis | Stars: Bruce Barthley, Morrison George, Melissa Mc Leish, Terry-Ann Price

Votes: 9

The Sweetest Mango (2001)

105 min | Comedy, Romance

Antigua's first feature film is a romantic comedy that tells the story of Lovelyanne 'Luv" Davies, who returns from Canada to Antigua and her struggles to adjust to life on a small island. ... See full summary »

Director: Howard Allen | Stars: Centelia Browne, Denise Francis, Janil Greenaway, Julie Hewlett

Votes: 7

Memoirs of the Blue (2010)

43 min | Short, Drama

Finding himself stranded on a deserted island, the amnesiac Calo searches for answers to his past through a series of diary pages that begin to mysteriously appear on the shore. Calo ... See full summary »

Director: Luke Hansen-MacDonald | Stars: Marc-Anthony Massiah, Mikel Bauer, Beth Garner, Courtnay Michaels

Dadli (2018)

14 min | Short

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Directors: Shabier Kirchner, Elise Tyler | Star: Tiquan White

Votes: 22

Rowing the Atlantic (2009 Video)

25 min | Documentary, Short, Adventure

JB Benna's inspirational short film, entitled Rowing The Atlantic, tells the story of Roz Savages journey from an ordinary career woman to an adventurer ,facing the most intimidating ... See full summary »

Director: J.B. Benna | Star: Roz Savage

Where's the Money? The Rise and Fall of Stanford Financial (2015)

62 min | Documentary, Crime

Stanford Financial Group was a $7 billion empire on the idyllic Caribbean island of Antigua. Except one thing. There was no $7 billion. Allen Stanford spent the money, Jim Davis cooked the ... See full summary »

Director: David Henry

The Skin (2011)

99 min | Horror, Thriller

'The Skin' is a modern story filled with Caribbean folklore about Michael and Lisa (Brent Simon & Aisha Ralph) who are a young married couple on the verge of losing their home. Their luck ... See full summary »

Director: Howard Allen | Stars: Tom Durant Pritchard, Jeff Stewart

Votes: 9

Familiar Faces/Unexpected Places: A Global African Diaspora (2018 Video)

30 min | Documentary, Short

The enslavement of millions of Africans led to the development of African Diasporan communities around the world. Their knowledge and skills helped build new societies and they created new ... See full summary »

Director: Sheila S Walker

Promises of Home (2012)

12 min | Short, Drama, Family

A young girl struggles with life in foster care as she yearns for her biological mother before finally embracing her foster family.

Directors: Stephen F. Kelleher, Steven Kelleher | Stars: Natalie Gonzalez, Tashya Valdevit, Jason Alan Griffin, Jake Sokoloff

Naked Ambition (2012)

87 min | Documentary, Adventure, Sport

Stu and Ed are two young men with a dream; to smash the world record for rowing 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean. However their dreams turn into nightmares when the ocean fights back.

Director: Joe Wihl | Stars: Edward Baylis, Stuart Turnbull

Votes: 9

Little Rude Boys (2017)

107 min | Drama | Completed

The Little Rude Boys is the Caribbean version of Little Rascals

Director: Noel Howell

Sailing Band (2018)

72 min | Documentary, Music

A project gone wrong about a band that never was. Sailing Band follows a band of musicians based in Antigua, led by two Brazilian brothers, as they struggle to put in motion their plan to ... See full summary »

Director: Denis Nielsen | Stars: Amy Banger, Sascha Beeler, Gita Buga, Reuben Chandler

The Church (2016)

2 min | Short, Horror, Thriller

Evil church kill everybody who wants visit it.

Director: Marco Romano | Star: Marco Romano

Votes: 23

No Seed (2002)

90 min | Drama, Thriller

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Director: Howard Allen | Stars: Heather Doram, Bernard Nichols, Stephen Watt, Myrle Roach

La diablesse (2006)

70 min

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Director: Howard Allen

Smile! (2019)

Short, Thriller

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Director: Ty Angus | Stars: Cassandra Grenier, Shea Angus, Ty Angus, Aiden Barfoot

Angel Business (2018 TV Movie)

56 min | Documentary | Completed

Angel Business is a documentary about the financial and personal challenges of becoming one of the first angel investors during the birth of Hungary's startup era.

Director: Zsuzsanna Geller-Varga | Stars: Judit Olah, Andras Perenyi, Antal Karolyi

The Making of the Monarch (2013)

Documentary, Music

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Director: Jame Knight | Stars: Louisa Aberdeen, Jerome Bleau, Fitzroy Brann, Dennis Brown

Unhappy House (2016)

2 min | Short, Horror

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Director: Marco Romano

Votes: 23

Demise of Sugar (2015)

27 min | Documentary, Short, Biography

Stories of sugar cane, slavery, cows, sugar mills,mechanization, tourism and labor unions in Antigua, told by Sir Keithlyn Smith, Antiguan native, historian, labor union activist and ... See full summary »

Director: Dana Plays | Star: Keithlyn Smith

Bridge of Devil (2016)

2 min | Short, Horror

Antigua and Barbuda has a bridge of the devil. Sometimes the devil comes. Time stands still. The world becomes another.

Director: Marco Romano

Votes: 24

Share and Share Alike (2010)

38 min | Documentary, Short

There are few bonds stronger than the collective love and values of a West Indian family. Share & Share Alike shows this by exploring the relationships between three Antiguan brothers and ... See full summary »

Director: Melissa A. Gomez

When No One Is Looking (2012)

46 min | Drama

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Directors: Zahra Airall, R. Anderson Edghill | Stars: Zahra Airall, Walter Armstrong, Linda Emanuel, Eldean Eudelle

Jed Video (2016)

62 min

It's perfect. It's Jed.

Director: Jed Shireman

Mama Grace

Comedy, Drama, Family | Announced

Mama Grace migrates from the Caribbean to live with her successful grandson in Canada and his male fiance. Together they re-define life, love, tradition and family as Mama's dementia progresses.

Star: Shashi Balooja

A Fisher's Journey (2008 Video)

12 min | Documentary, Short

A Fisher's Journey documents the travels of Dalston Samuel, a fisherman from Antigua, to Belize and Mexico for a fisher's exchange. Dal learns from the artisinal fishers there how they have... See full summary »

Director: Corinne McAfee | Star: Corinne McAfee

Rarity to Recovery (2012)

18 min | Documentary, Short, Adventure

During the summer of 2002, Kevin Collins spotted a humble little snake on Great Bird Island, Antigua. Years later, he discovered that this creature, known as the Antiguan racer, is one of ... See full summary »

Director: Kevin Collins

Votes: 5

Silent Music (2012)

70 min | Documentary, Family, Mystery

Follows Melissa, a hearing daughter of deaf parents, as she investigates the silence and communication breakdown that are at the heart of her family's dysfunction.

Director: Melissa A. Gomez | Star: Melissa A. Gomez