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Eat My Podcast: Patty Schemel (2012 Video)

Short, Comedy

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Directors: Melinda Hill, Jillian Lauren | Star: Patty Schemel

Meijinden (2016)

7 min | Animation, Short

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Director: Hirosawa

Kinetoscopic Memory (2017)

19 min | Documentary, Short, History | Completed

In 1894, Thomas Edison invents the motion picture camera, and from then on, the world would never be the same. The Edison Company produced roughly 350 films over the next three decades. ... See full summary »

Director: Steve Gieseke

Outside of Virginia (2014)

26 min | Short, Drama

Earl, an elderly retiree, visits a former girlfriend with the company of Virginia, a woman whom he is responsible for taking care of.

Director: Connor Burke | Stars: Joe Dellinger, Lyn Dellinger, Mary Suib

Yes, the Alt-Left Exists: Yes, It Is Violent (2017 Video)

15 min | Short, News

Styx agrees with Donald Trump that an alt-left exists.

Star: Styxhexenhammer666

Tala: Indian Love Song (1907)

Short, Music

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Director: Arthur Gilbert | Stars: Bain, Stanley

Kaparot (2006)

8 min | Short, Drama

Liat, a young woman from a traditional home, seeks independence and a new identity while she fixes up her rooftop apartment in Jerusalem. Liat has left home partly to distance herself from ... See full summary »

Director: Keren Hakak | Star: Michal Tzruya

Haven (II) (2004)

29 min | Documentary, Short, Family

Refugees from Hitler's Germany return to their childhood sanctuary, a Quaker community in rural Iowa.

Director: Seth Camillo

The Mystery of Temple Court (1910)

Short, Drama

A young girl who loves an unworthy young fellow, of little character and less conscience, consents to a secret marriage. After a spell he tires of her and deserts her. Through a letter he ... See full summary »

Who Needs Trees? (2012)

15 min | Documentary, Animation, Short

As interviewed by Dinosaur News Network (DNN) reporter Anderson Recooperating, the 19th Century paleontologist Baron Franz Nopsca reviews the evolution of birds, from 'Archaeopteryx' to ... See full summary »

Director: Robert Cruz Jr. | Stars: Robert Cruz Jr., Jordan Drost

La llamada (2000)

7 min | Short

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Director: Juan Jose Namnun | Star: Jalsen Santana

The 7th Annual Britannia Awards (1995 TV Special)

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Stars: Joan Collins, Anthony Hopkins, Stacy Keach, Angela Lansbury

BCW: Awakening (2008 Video)


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Stars: Phil Atlas, Mark Bartolucci, Jennifer Blake, Jade Chung

Sympathy for This Kid (2014)

38 min | Short, Drama

A short film about an extraordinary teenager's life, obligation and destiny.

Director: Hillfinger Hwang | Stars: Alan Boluda, Lucas Campa, Maria Here, Daniel Lisenbee

Jazz Occurrence (2017 TV Short)

27 min | Documentary, Short, Biography | Completed

Jazz Occurrence tells the story of the Jazz Occurrence Art and Jazz Exhibit, the brainchild of visual artist Lew Achenbach, that brought musicians and visual artist together for a series of unforgettable events.

Director: David Weathersby

Mugsey Trent Swan (2017)

5 min | Short, Comedy

Mugsey And Amber Meet A Swan Who Isn't Very Happy To See The Grant Taking A Visit To The River Trent.

Director: Scott Rivers | Stars: Amber Bailey, Scott Rivers

Sms (2018 Video)

1 min | Short, Comedy, Thriller | Completed

An incoming sms interrupts a depressed man's suicide attempt.

Directors: Yigit Durmaz, Jiyan Erincik | Star: Tunahan Karaagacli

See Quan Run

Documentary | Post-production

Mayor Jean Quan, A lifelong public servant, and mother to the burgeoning city of Oakland, See Quan Run will attempt to give the viewer a glimpse behind the politician. While her grassroots ... See full summary »

Director: Cassandra Cooper | Stars: Kenny Shedd, Floyd Huen, Jean Quan, Tenina Stevens

Britney Spears: Music Video Box Documentary (2005)

Not Rated | 61 min | Documentary

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Star: Britney Spears

Visionários (2002)

15 min | Documentary, Short

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Director: Fernando Severo

Del papel a la parrilla (2006)

15 min | Documentary, Short

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Director: Alejo Rébora | Stars: Nacho Bruno, Gonzalo Fernandez Prieto, Steven García, Alejo Rébora

Give Back to Caesar (2016)

2 min | Short, Drama | Completed

An event will test a priest faith.

Director: Nina Chávez Góngora | Stars: Michal Skácel, Nina Chávez Góngora, Paolla Figueiredo

Shop (2016)

3 min | Short, Drama

A young woman is bored working alone in a small clothing shop.

Director: Laurent Boulanger | Star: Jessica Stanley

I Planted These Flowers for You to Be, [Non]Matter Lost in (Outer)Space (2018)

Short, Sci-Fi

A compilation of the documentations of the Sensibodi Space Rover including the activation piece 'i planted these flowers for you to be'.

Director: Jessie Closson | Star: Jessie Closson

Harry and Grandma (2006)

15 min | Short, Drama

1955. America. Harry is a child living on the periphery of a small coastal town. He has no friends to play with and instead must look after his grumpy and selfish grandma, a woman who has ... See full summary »

Director: Dara Naficy | Stars: Jeanne Barnes, Connor Davenport, James Murphy, Barry Sacker

Ero gakidô (1975)

63 min

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Director: Giichi Nishihara | Stars: Jun Kosugi, Yuri Izumi, Masami Arisawa, Jôji Ichimura

Bailarines muertos (2008)

12 min | Short

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Director: Markus Schroder | Stars: Nicolás Barsoff, André Lujan, Claudio Marcos Rojas

Honjitsu mibôjin: Jirashi zeme (1982)

60 min

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Director: Yûji Ôno | Stars: Mari Shimokawa, Naoko Hori, Hitomi Nagaoka

Untitled Luis Suárez Project

Sport | Announced

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Star: Luis Suarez

Chto delat? (1971 TV Movie)

158 min | Drama

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Directors: Nadezhda Marusalova, Pavel Reznikov | Stars: Aleksandr Lazarev, Yola Sanko, Leonid Bronevoy, Galina Yatskina

Session Culinaire (2012– )


The league of 8 gentlemen gathering between old friends once a month. Boy's night, cooking night, and sharing gossips happening at highschool and college while playing videogames. Delicatessen.

Stars: Brice Buisson, Jean-Claude De Coen, Thomas da Luz Duque, Thomas Geyzen

Poet Tree (2013)

13 min | Short, Romance

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Director: Estee Lipenholtz | Stars: Ariana Couture, Cody Hudson, Patrick Lyons

Ham Omelet (1921)

Short, Comedy

A travesty on Hamlet.

Director: Arthur D.V. Storey | Stars: Elsie Davenport, Edward Anthony, Jack Costello, Jack Walters

Different (2009)

12 min | Short

Alison is going on a date with someone she met online, but there's something different about him.

Director: Philip Henry | Stars: Lee-Anne Campbell, Jonny Johnson, Joan McLaughlin

The Girl and the Gun (2009)

13 min | Short, Action, Crime

Having killed 6 of the mob for the death of her father, all she needs to do is track down lucky number 7 to complete her revenge. All the girl needs is her gun.

Director: Simon Zagami | Stars: Nathan Hill, Imogen Rankin

Amateur Shot (2012)

1 min | Short

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Director: Björn Last

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Salsa (2001– )

50 min

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Stars: Susan Badrkhan, Lene Elise Bergum, Tom A. Haug, Mette C. Iversen

Certainly Not Ian Fleming's James Bond Flick (1992)


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Director: Henry Mortimer | Stars: Eleanor Bronson, Julian Cheng, Hugh Eaton, Max Federbush

The Last Supper (VI) (2011)

6 min | Short

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Director: Julian Black Antelope | Stars: Angella Forbes, Liam Askin, Ace Hanna, Tom Boyd

Morgus Presents (II) (1964–1965)

Comedy, Horror, Mystery

A hosted horror movie show with Sidney Noel Rideau as "Dr. Morgus" presented movies on WXYZ-TV Channel 7, Detroit, Michigan from 1964 until 1965.

Stars: Sidney Noel Rideau, George Thomas

The Attic (2006 Video)

5 min | Short, Mystery

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Director: Tina Doyle | Star: Tina Doyle

Ringo and the Monkeyman (2005)


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Director: Brad Blank | Stars: John Franklin Caballero, Patrick Spruiell

Memoria viva de ciertos días (1998–2001)

60 min | Documentary

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Stars: Janet Arceo, Enrique Caceres, Guadalupe Marquez, Julieta Velazquez

Hard Times in Hard Scrapple (1917)

15 min | Comedy, Short

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Director: Alfred Santell | Stars: Lloyd Hamilton, Bud Duncan, Henry Murdock

Die Vitusmacher (2006 TV Movie)

55 min | Documentary

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Director: Rolf Lyssy | Stars: Bruno Ganz, Teo Gheorghiu, Julika Jenkins, Urs Jucker

Naked Raven: Someday (2004 Video)

4 min | Short, Music

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Directors: Tim Luna, Alan Rexroth | Stars: Stephanie Lindner, Janine Maunder, James Richmond

Amok (III) (2011)

15 min | Short, Drama

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Director: Daniel Schumann | Stars: Michael Rautenberg, Anne Sophie Waider, Daniel Lambach, Noah Hunter

Bînankâzurâ: zenpen (1929)


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Director: Taizan Gotô | Stars: Mitsusaburô Ramon, Hataya Ichikawa, Tarô Bandô

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