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Sorte Grande (1938)

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Director: Erico Braga | Stars: Costinha, Elvira Velez

Orb (2007)

6 min | Short, Fantasy

A quiet girl sees an alternate world, whenever she looks into a mirror.

Directors: Ryan Robert Daggitt, Matt Newcomb | Stars: Caley Bisson, Mark Carducci, Angela de Malignon, Rebecca Flinn-White

Tonosama Hotel (1949)

93 min | Drama

When a man of some stature and lineage decides to launch a business by renovating and converting his mansion into a hotel and putting his domestic staff like the chef and maid to work in ... See full summary »

Director: Fumindo Kurata | Stars: Kamatari Fujiwara, Setsuko Hara, Reiko Hatsune, Hiroshi Hayashi

Spätsommertage (1979 TV Movie)

90 min | Drama

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Director: Erich Neureuther | Stars: Lisa Helwig, Rose Renée Roth, Eva Lissa, Erik Frey

Joshi gakusei: Mayonaka no jugyô (1979)

63 min

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Director: Kaoru Umezawa | Stars: Nami Aoki, Mayumi Sanjô, Kayoko Sugi, Hiroshi Imaizumi

Model Railroading Unlimited (1975)

28 min | Short, History

Is both documentary and parody of model train hobby enthusiast. Beginning with a history lesson for the model train hobby and then transitioning into a how-to film on creating one's own ... See full summary »

Directors: Rick Harper, Laurence Wright | Stars: Bob Anderson, Hans Conried, Mitchell Giannunzio, Stan Greiwe

Quack City Quickies: Miss Liberty (2013)

Animation, Short

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Director: Earl Storm | Star: Jason Frazier

The After Party (I) (2016)

Short, Comedy

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Director: Jeff Alper | Stars: Jeff Alper, Alex Segal, Joshua Turek

The God to Serve (2005 Video)

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Director: Reginald Ebere | Stars: Chika Anyanwu, Olu Jacobs, Saint Obi, Cynthia Okereke

Guldets Magt (1916)

Short, Drama

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Director: Aage Brandt | Stars: Hermann Florant, Olivia Klingspor, Henry Knudsen

The Interview (VII) (2015)

4 min | Short

It will break you down like an enzyme.

Stars: Sarah J. Eagen, Eliana Saenz

Adhithy (1975)

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Kuen Tao (I) (Video)

Short, Action | Completed

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Director: Phoenix-La | Stars: Adam Richards, Mark Southwold

Lesbros (2012– )


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Stars: Luis M. Navarro, Vickie Toro

The New Frontier (2003)

4 min | Short, Animation

A dynamic audiovisual perspective on American history driven by John F Kennedy's powerful 'New Frontier' speech.

Director: Owen Fitzpatrick | Star: John F. Kennedy

Untitled (A.K.A.) Whenever You're Ready (2007 Video)

6 min | Short, Comedy

Actors reveal more about themselves than the roles they're trying for in this audition found footage piece.

Directors: Nick Scown, Brian Worsley

Legerdemain Up-to-Date, or The Great Hermann Outdone (1902)

Fantasy, Short

The greatest magical film ever attempted. New and sensational.

24 Hrs. With Sisqo (2001)

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Director: Ian Massive | Star: Sisqó

Bede Cie kochal az do smierci (2013)

45 min | Documentary

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Director: Armin Kurasz

fakelos porneia (1984)

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Stars: Franco Alfonso, Soula Diakatou, Dimitra Nomikou, Thodoris Prokopiou

Stiff (2007 Video)

13 min | Short, Comedy, Horror

A lonely, psychotic man's relationship with a female mannequin begins to unravel.

Director: Tom Bragg | Star: Jim Harkins

Afternoon T Room (2002 Video)

X | 81 min | Adult

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Director: Frank Parker | Stars: Nate Bruno, Joe Stack, Quentin, Dan Alcock

The Demon (1911)

Short, Drama

The Spirit of Evil, driven out of Heaven, flies to the mountains of Caucasus, and determines to conquer the soul of Tamara, a beautiful princess. The Demon causes the death of her lover and... See full summary »

Director: Giovanni Vitrotti | Star: Mikhail Tamarov

Drôle de pays (2015)


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Director: Clémence Hébert

The Green Glass (2008)

Short, Drama

A young mute boy fearful of his father finds a mysterious green glass and embarks on a journey through the past searching for answers to heal him in the present.

Director: Christopher Swank | Stars: Keri Lurtz, William Bennett, Steve Armstrong, Baxter Smith

West Ga Cribs Ep2 (2012– )


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Star: Jaime Duhart

Alternative for Germany: Sovereignty More Popular These Days (2017 Video)

13 min | Short, News, Talk-Show

We're seeing the collapse of centrism around the world, says Styx, which is both good and bad.

Stars: Styxhexenhammer666, Future Franz

2010-Nendo sokessan! ! SOD bijin joshi shain muramura hatsujo matsuri (2010 Video)

221 min | Adult

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Director: Yosuke | Stars: Mai Ishimoto, Mai Kimura, Emiri Nagasawa, Anna Namiki

UN Migration Pact: Europe & Ireland (2018 Video)

20 min | Short, News

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Star: Dave Cullen

Challenge for a Lifetime (1975)

24 min | Short

Police recruitment film.

Director: Jonathan Ingrams | Star: Philip James

Ici l'on pêche (1941)

90 min | Drama

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Director: René Jayet | Stars: Jean Tranchant, Jane Sourza, Arthur Devère, Tichadel

November 27th (2017)

Short, Drama

Rodger heartbroken from the death of his daughter and girlfriend struggles as he relives the day they died every day of his life.

Director: Albert Burnett | Star: Sean Gastoway

Burdo (2011)

1 min | Short, Comedy, Family

Burdo is the story of a young boy preparing for a first date with a girl.

Director: Joserro Emmanuelli | Stars: Mariana Emmanuelli, Edwin Vidal

This is All That I Am (2013)

12 min | Short, Biography, Drama

A moving portrait - literally - of a housewife's monotonous daily routine, in a strange case where character and actor, set and location, overlap and forget where one starts and the other finishes...

Director: Mitchell Earle Pardington | Star: Fifi Lambshtrumph

Inseminated by 2 Black Men 11 (2006 Video)


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Director: Glenn Baren | Stars: Lee Bang, Lexi Bardot, Sledge Hammer, Tyler Knight

Get Stuffed: Lobster (2016)

2 min | Short, Comedy

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Director: Graydon Sheppard | Star: Graydon Sheppard

Beachmasters (1993)

52 min | Documentary, History

After whaling and sealing were outlawed in the 1960s, the South Georgia islands are once again home to a wide variety of animal species.

Director: Tom Arnbom

Hold Fast (2015)

11 min | Documentary, Short, Biography | Completed

In contrast to his painful past Piew Choquettes beautiful and loving family help to redefine what it means to be a tattoo artist in an era so far removed from its abrasive origins

Music of Ireland: Welcome to America (2010 TV Movie)

57 min | Documentary

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Director: Philip J. Marshall | Stars: Maire Brennan, Andrea Corr, Sinéad O'Connor, Bono

Obon Brothers (2015)

107 min | Drama

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Director: Akira Ohsaki | Stars: Yûmi Gotô, Miyoko Inagawa, Tsuyoshi Itô, Aki Kajiwara

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The Imperial City (1930)

Approved | 9 min | Documentary, Short

This Traveltalk visit to China starts in Beijing, which at the time was officially called Peiping. Called the Imperial City, it consists of four separate districts. One of these is the ... See full summary »

Star: James A. FitzPatrick

Votes: 5

The Tattoo Age: The Awareness (2013)

50 min | Documentary

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Director: Tamas Birinyi | Stars: Papa Joe Aviance, Tamas Birinyi, Calista Carradine, Robert Donavan

Shelter Hope Christmas (2011 Video)


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Star: Kira Reed Lorsch

Liftoff (2016)

9 min | Short, Drama, Family | Completed

A young girl daydreams of being an astronaut on the Apollo 13 mission to cope with her parents divorce.

Director: Ben Davis | Stars: Remy Ammor, Ashley Gay, Ethan Abodeely

Desperation (2018)

Short, Drama

A man struggles with drug addiction.

Director: Christopher Cruz | Stars: Anthony Ruiz, Brittany Hazeldine, Eric-Dominique Perez

Billy Whiskers (1920)

Short, Comedy

Billy Whiskers is an ambitious goat who's looking for the right career. He tries driving a taxi, but finds that it doesn't suit him. He finally finds his niche as a fireman, and becomes a hero by rescuing a baby from a burning house.

Director: H.A. Spanuth

The Sable Dragonfly: An Ode To My Black Female Body (2019)

Short, Drama

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Director: Sakile Odimo | Stars: Sakile Odimo, Bianca Anderson, Bryant Anderson, Carson Donner

Ba Li Balon (1990 Video)

Comedy, Family

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Stars: Yarden Bar-Kochba, Guy Bavli, Amnon Fisher, Uri Kabiri

The People's Republic


A Utopian / dystopian look at a seaside town which has broken away from the UK government.

Japó: visions imaginades (2011)

24 min | Documentary, Short

How do we imagine Japan? Through the personal visions of six Catalan artists that have portrayed different aspects of Japan, the creator of this documentary embarks on a personal journey in... See full summary »

Director: Eloy Calvo

Votes: 7

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