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Daily (2015)

2 min | Animation, Short, Drama

Daily is a animated short movie. The One Man project was created entirely with Bledner and rendered with Octane.

Director: Florian Genal

Birmingham Hunter (2007)

Short, Comedy, Horror

A group of teenagers decide to go into a forest, to seek for the "Birmingham Hunter".

Director: Malcolm Brocklehurst | Stars: Malcolm Brocklehurst, Philip Brocklehurst, Harry Griffin-Hayes, Stephen Harrison

Amplifier (II)

Drama, Music | Announced

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Procissão de Corpus Christi em São Paulo (1913)

Documentary, Short

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Director: Antônio Campos

The Time It Takes (2010)

12 min | Short, Drama, Romance

Every time the phone rings Maria is reminded that what really matters is how we choose to live in the time that is left to us.

Director: Viveka Melki | Stars: Thierry Leuzy, Catherine O'Connor

Mullets and Bars (2005)

83 min | Documentary

Anti-Americanism is so popular these days.

Directors: Stephan Kern, Seumas Next | Stars: Andy Bichlbaum, Devon Dudgeon, Annie Durbin, Brian Haw

E-Dentity (2016– )


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Stars: Laia Cabezas, Nuria Gamon, Katja Gohler, Raul Perez

End of Love (2010)

30 min | Short, Drama

The film tells the story of a couple, that, how their lives gets desolated by 26/11 2008 terrorist attacks in Mumbai. The two lovers, who were dreaming to get married soon and settle their ... See full summary »

Director: Mukesh Kabir Kapoor | Stars: Shweta Bhardwaj, Faisal Rashid

Zona braka: Marriage Zone (1997–1999)


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Stars: Danica Radulovic, Monika Romic, Teodora Stankovic, Marko Stojanovic

Pantrevoun tin agapi mou (1965)

93 min | Drama, Romance

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Director: Kostas Dritsas | Stars: Anna Iasonidou, Thanasis Mylonas, Vassilis Mavromatis, Malaina Anousaki

The Man Behind the Scream: The Sound Effects Pod (2007 Video)

15 min | Documentary, Short

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Star: Ben Burtt

My Father's Son (III)

Short, Drama | Announced

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Lets Build a Castle (2009 Video)

46 min | Family

Kari and Jakob a visiting Guédelon - the worlds most unusual building site. In Guédelon 50 people are building a castle only by medieval technics

Director: Reinhard Kungel | Stars: Jakob Kungel, Kari Katharina Kungel

Protection Civile (2011)


Switzerland is full of underground shelters and each person has a place. Whether individual or collective, from the private cellar to vast medical shelters, they all meet strict and effective organization.

Directors: Jeanne Susplugas, Alain Declercq

How's Your Husband? (1919)

Comedy, Short

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Directors: Eddie Lyons, Lee Moran | Stars: Eddie Lyons, Lee Moran, Dorothy Devore, Mildred Lee

Partido contra la droga 1997 (1997– )

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Stars: Paco García Caridad, Arsenio Iglesias, Adolfo Suárez

Napolje trutovi (1977)

14 min | Short

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Director: Petar Lalovic | Star: Zivojin Denic

4 1/2 Senses (II) (2016)

20 min | Short | Completed

Being blind for more than 30 years Mr Grosu is doing, as always, his daily routine, truing to recompose the reality in his mind. Accidents happens form time to time, but he receives the ... See full summary »

Director: Raluca Gorgos

Dimanche Salvador (1973– )

55 min | Talk-Show

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Stars: Henri Salvador, Claude François, Sheila, Dalida

Priming (2016)

16 min | Short, Drama | Completed

The two best friends are meeting at a cafe in years. They have so many things they want to tell each other, and time just flies by. Then, the BGM playing in the cafe changes to one song. ... See full summary »

Director: Atsuko Endo | Star: Atsuko Endo

Sous le signe de Neptune (1963)

17 min | Short

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Director: A.F. Sulc

Les deux chemins (1918)


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Stars: Manuel Caméré, Juliette Clarens

The Unforgettable Ernie Wise (2011 TV Movie)


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Stars: Martin Glyn Murray, Ernie Wise, Doreen Blythe, Joan Morecambe

Kaspar (1988)

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Director: Lisi Frischengruber

Hand Delivered (2016)

11 min | Short, Drama, Family

A man receives a envelope with no return address but a photo inside takes him on a painful journey down memory lane.

Director: Myron Davis | Stars: Alvin J. Frazier II, Doug Menefee, Mariama Whyte, Micaiah Sibindlana

Jall! Swimwear Summer Vibes (2017 Video)


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Director: Ignacio Rambla | Star: Enerelsuren Pinyachuluun

82 Chateau (2013)

10 min | Short, Drama | Completed

A battered and browbeaten young wife executes a plan to regain control of her life no matter what the cost.

Director: Rocco Urso | Stars: Morgan Wilson, Eric Began

Fútbol es fútbol (1994– )

120 min | News, Sport

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Stars: José María del Toro, Javier Reyero, Javier Lázaro, Carlos García Hirschfeld

Tepki - Denedim (2019 Video)

3 min | Short, Music

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Director: Murat Joker | Stars: Tepki, Gökçe Yildirim

Lambing Season (2017)

25 min | Documentary, Short, Biography

A portrait of the artist during spring lambing.

Director: Andrew Baker | Star: Don Mitchell

Double Penetrations (2004 Video)


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Directors: Skye Blue, Jill Kelly, Bud Lee | Stars: Aria, Jay Ashley, Mark Ashley, Dillon Day

Obeti: Zivnostník (2006 TV Movie)

90 min | Drama

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Director: Petr Slavík | Stars: Pavel Reznícek, Vanda Hybnerová, Martin Dejdar, Ilona Svobodová

Our Children Will Know Each Other Better (1960)


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Director: Harisadhan Dasgupta

La Rambla That Night (2018)

19 min | Documentary, Drama, History

It's nighttime in Barcelona after the terrorist attack in la Rambla, one of the city's most important touristic areas. The presence of the police carrying on a police operation alter the ... See full summary »

Directors: Tànit Fernández, Isaac R. Folgarolas

Le porion (1921)

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Director: Georges Champavert | Stars: Juliette Malherbe, Claude Benedict, René Maupré, Victor Vina

Death of Sunflower (1999)

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Director: Young Man Kang

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Hanukkah Mench (2011)

Short, Music

After Brett Walkow's first viral video Carmageddon hit big, he used that success to make his dream project - A silly fairy tale for Jewish folk at a time when there is mostly Santa ... See full summary »

Director: Brett Walkow | Stars: Sarah Lonsert, Brett Walkow

Todos al deporte (1977)

14 min | Documentary, Short

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Director: Jorge Acevedo

Nga tohu: Signatures (2001 TV Movie)

46 min | Documentary, Drama, History

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Director: Andrew Bancroft | Stars: Nancy Brunning, Craig Muller, George Henare, Jaime Passier-Armstrong

It Is Still a Beautiful World

Drama | Announced

Jameson and Oliver, estranged brothers and famous musicians, return to their childhood home when their mother's alcoholism reaches a breaking point. Here, entrenched in their shared past, they will go to war over how to save her.

A lépcsö (1994)

67 min | Documentary

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Director: Lívia Gyarmathy | Star: Árpád Rostás

Laid in Translation (2017)

Short, Drama

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Director: David Moreno | Star: Diana Lee Arnold

The Story of Father Juniper Serra (1954 TV Movie)

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Stars: Leslie Denison, Paul Richards, Lyle Talbot, Robert Warwick

HD-Trainings Tutorial Collection: Kamera II (2011 Video)

140 min | Documentary

A tutorial describing the work behind the camera.

Director: Lutz Dieckmann | Stars: Kaye-Ree, Michael Stolle

Renjian Tiantang (1936)

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Director: Jianhun Deng | Star: Siu-Wah Lee

Sickness (I) (2018)


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Stars: Eric Morbini, Michael Sandoval

Paranoia (III) (2014)

9 min | Short, Thriller

A girl get paranoid with her electricist when she hear a tv news tell that an electricist is killing his customers.

Director: Nair Lutteral

Under the Green (2018)

3 min | Short, Fantasy

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Director: Junghoon Lee | Star: Kamogelo Mokoena

Triple Play 15: Cumming Together (1992)

X | Adult

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Star: Nikki Dial

Kuga shôsa (1932)

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Director: Osamu Matsuishi | Stars: Shinobu Araki, Reiko Mizuhara, Mitsuko Kanazawa, Minoru Kusama

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